Friday, January 7, 2011

Carousel Horse Faery

I love the old wooden carousels and to be in on a restoration project for one is a dream I have long had. I don't think I live close enough to any that might need any restoration though. However,  thanks to an awesome find at an estate sale several years ago, I knew I would get to do a mini restoration, so to speak. Sitting on a small table in a corner, I saw two ceramic carousel horses...neither of which had been painted. My heart soared!! Since that time they had been sitting on a window sill enjoying the sun....that was until my muse started whispering.

Deep rich colors were used on the invoke memories of a long ago time when one of those big wooden carousels was every child's dream ride on the boardwalk or circus come to town. Balloons were attached to the brass bar so it felt even more like a wild horse galloping in the wind as they bounced around. Sparkles laying on the floor to add magic as you listened to the music playing as you went round and round.
 My muse however didn't see a child riding upon it's back but she saw a faery. A tiny faery named CC, smiling with such joy and eating her cotton candy. Her beautiful red wings fluttering in the breeze as she goes round and round.
CC so enjoys getting to ride on the carousel horse. She is one of my full torso sculpted ooaks with gently poseable arms and legs. One hand holds her delicious cotton candy and the other is ready to hold onto the shiny brass ring. Her face has been hand painted using acrylic paints. Her hair is nylon crazy doll hair. Her top is sculpted from clay with tiny glass beads. Her pantaloons and tutu are both made from vintage lace and she wears a gold belt made from tiny gold beads. Her ballet slippers are hand made using felt. Her wings are made from wire wrapped in silk thread and red fantasy film. She can sit in several different positions and stand with the aide of a doll stand. Standing she is 9 inches but with her wings she reaches to just at 12 inches.
Now how could anyone not smile when they see this tiny little faery enjoying her ride of a lifetime. Hopefully, she will bring back some fond memories of a few carousel rides you took...remembering all the magic of going round and round. CC and her horse will be one of my newest additions to my Etsy shoppe.

Now back to work and until next time.......HUGS, Regi


  1. She's so cute! You live in such a whimsical fantasy wonderful.

  2. Oh, wow! Both CC and the horse are gorgeous!!! I love the reds!!!!

  3. I am so glad I stopped by on this snowy Friday to see your beautiful CC and her carousel horse! Just stunning as is all your work!

  4. Wow she is so awesome!! I mean the entire piece is. I love it

  5. Seeing and reading your enthusiam has made me smile. Your work on the little horse is wonderful and the fairy perfect

  6. She is so charming- I love that you gave her some cotton candy to munch on!