Friday, January 28, 2011

Studio Friday

It's a beautiful 60 degrees here today with a light, balmy breeze blowing....skies so blue you just want to sit and look up at the sun.....feel the warmth on your face. Our whole weekend is suppose to be this wonderful and I so hope that it is. There is a reenactment going on at Ft. Morgan this weekend and it would make a wonderful family outing and historical learning experience for the Chazman. With weather so amazing I bet you are asking why in the world am I sitting in my studio......and the answer to that is that my muse is singing so loudly that I can't go outside until I work on what she wants me to. Ohhhhh....the things we do for our muse. Ms. Peaches however is thoroughly enjoying this weather and being outside.


My muse has me inside..arrrgggg working on another Valentine's Faerie. She is going to be dancing in the middle of silk ribbon and fabric roses. Holding a stack of hearts in one hand...her Valentine's bucket filled with silk roses in the other and perhaps a tiny butterfly balancing on her toe.
I'm working on some special wings for her. Not quite sure if they are going to work but we will see. Never know until you try and then try some more and perhaps try a few more times...LOL!! The only thing I will say about them is, they have vintage MICA flakes in them.....hopefully. (fingers crossed)  If I can't get them to do like I want then she will have a lovely pair of my silk ribbon embroidered wings.

Fingers crossed that I will get enough done today and tonight to appease my muse so she will let me go on the family outing tomorrow. If she insists that I keep working all weekend then she is going to find herself up under an empty jelly jar with Ms. Peaches standing guard til Monday. ^_^

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi


  1. It's funny you should mention wings...I have an idea I want to try for a doll that I actually finished and forgot that she was supposed to have wings! HA! I have no clue if my plan will work, but you have reminded me to try it! I can't wait to see her finished! And...warm weather often drives me into my studio - I love it and then I just feel good and get inspired! HA! This cold makes it almost harder to actually be productive in there!

  2. LOVE your idea! I can't wait to see her finished. You're like me; you're all roses this time of year, lol.

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

  3. I LOVE what I'm seeing so far on your new faerie- any ideas on how much you will be offering her for?
    Our weather here in GA is supposed to be wonderful this weekend too- unfortunately, we have a punch list of indoor work.....bleh- my garden is calling to me!

  4. ooooh, can't wait to see her! A dancing fairy! Just up my alley. I'm getting ready to schedule dance classes for the summer. Yes, at my age. With my bad back! It's called "Last Chance Dance". Seriously, ha!

    I think my muse and your muse are hanging out together ;)

  5. Your blog is beautiful and the rose corsage exquisite! I have a feeling Miss Peaches is quite the cat's meow, too. thanks for putting your name in my giveaway. Please enter me in yours.