Thursday, January 20, 2011

WIP it....WIP it good!!

Wondering about the title? You are, aren't you? I just couldn't resist naming this post "WIP it" for two reasons...the first OBVIOUSLY is because it's guessed it...a Work In Progress. The second reason is because I have been listening to old rock and pop while working in the studio and that crazy song "Whip it" was playing so I thought it would be cute to make my post title what I did. YOU do remember or know the song...ri iight? It's that crazy song by the group Devo...came out in the 80's. Soooo everyone reading this should remember it...HA!!!! Now that I have heard it (pulling hair) I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

Oh well...I guess it could be worse. I could have that "Barney" song stuck in my....ok let's not think about that or I will get it stuck in there and sing it the rest of the day. Let me show you what I have been working on (and stop that..I hear you humming "Barney")

A few years ago I found two beautiful Valentine's china eggs at an estate sale. The woman said that they had belong to her Great Grandmother and she was a bit older than me....yes I'm saying she was old herself ^_^
I bought both of them with the vision of doing "something" with them but until recently my muse had not informed me as to what. The eggs open up like the vintage china pill boxes so I thought a baby cupid would look sweet laying inside.

He is a tiny lil fella....only 2" long. He just fits perfect inside the egg. I plan on putting little, tiny white feather wings on him. Well...that's what I think Cupid's wings are!! He is ready to be baked and then I will detail him some more and put some hair on his wee lil head. I hope you will come back to see him when he is complete. I'm hoping someone will fall in love with him and adopt him once he is in my Etsy shoppe. Almost like two gifts in one....a ooaks Cupid baby and a vintage glass egg.

Until next time............Hugs, Regi

Dancing around the house singing.....

Crack that whip
Give the past the slip
Step on a crack
Break your momma's back it can be stuck in your head too....HUGS!!!


  1. I do remember Whip it--but the Barney song is the one that stuck in my head...thank you very much!

    Your sculpting skills are amazing! All that detail in 2"! Can't wait to see him finished!

  2. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!! That is just amazing and I love those eggs!!!