Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WIP it Tuesday

It's a rather blustery, chilly day here on the coast. It's 10am and we are still at 35 with the wind chill. So much for the flip flops today. ^_^  It is however the most perfect day to spend inside working in my studio....with sock feet and my warmest sweater on...and that's exactly what I'm doing. One of the Valentine's Day faeries I'm working on is baking as we speak. Her wings are embroidered and the crystals attached. Her bouquet of silk roses are ready for her to hold. Her little box patiently waits for her to sit upon it. (she will be dressed at that point...I promise)

I think while she is baking I'm going to fix me a pot of hot tea and reflect. Today is a very sad day in my world...one that has healed some with time but still my heart aches. The one thing that keeps it from completely breaking is knowing that I will see my Daddy again.....when my time on this earthly plain comes to an end.                                                                                                          

I love you Daddy!!
March 9,1936 to January 11, 2007

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi


  1. I hope you find comfort in your love for you Dad today. Your doll is looking so wonderful! I love when you share WIP pics! Then I can steal technique ideas from you! HA!

  2. Enjoy your memories! I'm looking forward to seeing the Valentine Fairy in her finest!

  3. it is good to remember, it is also nice to create a new doll-life

  4. Emce....thank you for the kind words. I so appreciate all my wonderful comments I get.

    If I have an email addy I try to always send a personal thank you but either way...in email or here..I LOVE my visitors and comments.


  5. Ahhh He will always live in your heart!

  6. my father was just that ages when I past away, so i know what you'r feeling. to young to leave us, but sometimes I think he is here, with me. Perhaps your father is also with you? We can hope, that doesn't hurt somebody. ☺