Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to normal as I can be ^_^'s a New Year!! Want me to tell your future? Do you really want to know? Nahhhh....I can't really tell you and I'm sure you really don't want to know. To me.....that's part of the amazing part of our life's adventures...the not knowing. Where would the fun or the adventure be if we knew...hehe. I'm just happy that with the holidays coming to a close that my adventures can get back to a bit of normal as my world can be. ^_^

The Chazman and I have been sitting and doodling some with his cousins in mind. He loves to be a part of my designs and when that can happen...I LOVE it. So blessed that my lil guy has a tiny muse sitting on his shoulder too. I still have to make gifts for the ones that we won't get to see until sometime later in the year...they wanted us to bring them to them so we could see them open them. Just have to love a loving family filled with kiddos. Chaz thought that his boy cousins would love some monsters to play monsters it is. (He knew that was what I was planning but it's so soo AWESOME that he sat and drew out a pattern for me to follow) He drew the bodies and I added the faces. They will be made with crazy fabrics or faux fur or felt or perhaps a bit of it all.
The first one is a monster that will have twisted ears (Chaz wasn't sure how to draw them so he told me..hehe) and a furry tongue sticking out. The second top one is a Bearster...yep...that's a monster and bear combined. He will have long arms so he can give great big bear hugs. My Chazman is sooo cute!! Of course, he said that there needed to be a "crazy" dust bunny. I'm thinking of making him with a dry corn bottom and then making a few cotton bags (or carrots....HEY...even a monster dust bunny has to eat) to go with him so he can play. Then there is the Batty monster...need I say more. The last lil monster is a fire monster....a real HOT HEAD for sure. I think with this great assortment of monsters....there will be some happy cousins.

Until next time....HUGS, Regi (and the Chazman)


  1. I can't wait to see your "monsters", lol!!!

  2. Can't wait to see them. Those drawings are so cute! Talent runs in the family...:)

  3. Those are some pretty fabulous monsters! I think the fire monster might be my favorite...or maybe the bearster!

  4. Oh, this will be so much fun! I can't wait to see!
    Happy New Year, my friend!

  5. oooohhh! Darling l'il monsters. Can't wait to see.

    And, btw, I studied astrology, numerology and some palmistry in my 20's. Ha! You'd think I'd be a bit wiser! Not true! Very hard to read your own stuff!

    Happy New Year, dear friend!

  6. I love those monsters. You are such a good mom.
    Not just because you doodle with Chaz but for all the other things you do.
    Happy 2011