Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabric Roses with Hat Pin

I know that I already posted once today but it was a wordless one so I figured I'm entitled to one with words now. Ri iight? here goes AND thank you for indulging me another post. ^_^

I finished working on one of the fabric rose pins that includes one of my fairy face hat pins. I'm not as happy as I would like to be with it but practice makes perfect. BOY...I should really be good at somethings with all the practice I have had......but ummmmm that's a whole nuther story. ( of those Southern twang words or it's just my heavy accent that makes me hear it that way...ya know...spell it the way ya hear it)
I do like her...just need to do some tweaking on the eyes I think. I LOVE how the feathers turned out as her hair. Feathers were very popular back in the Victorian days and that's what I want my pins to look like. Peacock feathers were the most popular. BUT until I can locate a peacock that will stand still long enough for me to borrow a few tail feathers so I can use black feathers will just have to do.

I made a small necklace out of silver beads, two black glass beads and three crystal beads. At the top of the hat pin are two silver spacer beads with a large silver/black bead...then the faery face. After the face bead then I placed another silver spacer bead and a small black bead. I threaded the pin through the roses and finished off the pin with a twisted end and then attached a silver spacer bead...a larger silver/black bead...another spacer bead and then a larger crystal bead (like the one on the necklace) to balance out the piece. The roses are some of my fabric wrapped or twisted ones. Along with some fabric leaves. All of it sewn to a felt backing with a tiny pin attached. You could wear it on a sweater....shirt....scarf.....hat...jacket or even attach it to a cloth purse.

I LOVE making these roses. I'm planning on making more as single pins.....barrettes.....bookmarks and well....there are just so many more possibilities being whispered to me. I am going to be placing some in my Etsy shoppe. If you have something special you would like made with these just email and let me know...I will be more than pleased to design it....just for you.

Until next time............HUGS, Regi


  1. Holy Goodness she is amazing!!!! Like WOW kind of amazing! I would love to attach her to the bottom of a multi-chain necklace! GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I have a small jewelry/music box with a fairy that sits on top. Your piece would look so pretty on a small music box. It is the first thing I thought of.

  3. Owww muse is singing to me through both of you. What wonderful ideas!!! Thank you.

    I did use to make the Elf in a boxes...they looked more like faeries than elves but they both have sweet faces. I see some new items coming in the future. I just love my friends!!

    Hugs to you both,

  4. So cool!!! That's so original, hun! I know they'll be big sellers in your shop!!!

  5. Oh WOW!! She is lovely. You have so much patience.