Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Cupid #1

Every 75 years....a nursery of Cupid's are placed in the care of "The Believers". The Believers are those humans that have been blessed with the gift of faerie. With this gift, they can see all the mystical and magical creatures that live in our world right along beside us. Yes....there is more than one Cupid. Poor dear wouldn't last a year if there was only one. Are YOU one of the "Believers"? If so, are you up for the challenge of caring for one of the wee ones and keep him safe until he is ready to begin his journey to help us mere mortals to find true love.

This wee Cupid is a tiny 2" long. He has real goose feather hair and wings. He has a wire backbone covered in Living Doll sculpting clay. His detailing in acrylic paints. He is attached to his felt red blankie to make sure he always feels safe and warm.

Cupid fits nice and snug in his Valentine's egg. The egg is a vintage porcelain glass pill box painted with a motif of roses and a grown Cupid. It does seem to be painted on and then heat is not a decal. The two parts of the egg have a rim of gold and a tiny gold clasp to keep it shut. Wee Cupid can be closed up in the egg for safe keeping. A nice thing if you have a cat or two roaming about.

 This piece would make a perfect Valentine's keepsake or perhaps a beautiful baby shower gift for the mother that is expecting around the 14th of February.

This is the first Cupid sculpt in a series of two that I am doing. I have another vintage glass egg that I am going to be doing as another Cupid nursery holder. It has a slightly different Cupid painting on it. The wee one in it will be sitting up....perhaps a tiny bit more older than this wee one. Both will be available in my Etsy shoppe. I do hope you will drop in and look around.

Until next time....Hugs, Regi

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  1. I love this series- I wish you had more of those eggs too, because you have captured these little guys perfectly! Sorry I haven't been around much this week- MUCHO computer issues!