Monday, January 14, 2013

Clay Therapy!!

Well...we are still broken hearted here but trying to keep things moving along as normal as possible. Which isn't an easy thing to do seeing how we aren't exactly "normal". Ms Peaches is still missing. I called the vet's office today to see if someone might have picked her up and I called the local animal shelter. No cats with her description at either places. The Chazman after some serious crying time said that he thinks she just missed PawPaw and Nana and decided it was time to go live with them again. Bless his heart...he really feels that way and I think it's a good way to feel considering the circumstances. Children can be so strong!!

I detailed my little cats that will go with Godfrey. The tiny kitten laying on his back will be laying at Godfrey's feet playing with his shoestring. The Moma cat will be sitting on his leg enjoying being held and away from little kitten who kept biting her tail. The yellow tabby will be reaching up to get that good rubbing on top of his head.

After I finished the detailing on these sweet felines I decided that I wanted to play with the clay today. Just roll it in my hands and just let what would happen...happen!! I so needed it just for therapy sakes today. It seems my muse took advantage of me thought and decided we needed some desk sitters. is a WIP photo of the desk sitters. ^_^

There's a little monkey holding a heart, a sweet little turtle, an owl, a grumpy gnome and a dragon. I'm going to make a few little say signs to go with each one so they can be switched out. Of course, the one on top will be a saying for Valentine's. Here's what I was thinking so far......

Monkey: Stop monkeying around and Be Mine!!
Owl: Whooooo loves you!!
Gnome: There's Gnome one that loves you more!!
Turtle: Slowly say, you'll be Mine!!
Dragon: Baby, you light my fire!!

Now some or ALL of these sayings might be changed...hehe...we will just have to see. I love giving little desk sitters to folks. When I was working I would keep one on my would hold my messages I needed to get to that day. I would give one as a birthday gift or just as a "Thanks for the great job" gift. I mean....everyone likes to get a gift now and then for no reason other than "just because". Ri iight??

Well...while the little sitters are basking in the heat of the oven, I think I will go and work on Godfrey some more. I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it if I would finish his pants.

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Hope Ms Peaches returns home soon. Sounds like Chaz has a good handle on the situation..cry and get it out and then come to a solution. Maybe he's right about where Peaches went to live.

    Your little animals are so sweet. Good luck Regina!

    1. so sorry for you, hope she willcome back!

  2. Oooh! I love the little turtle. . .and the gnome. . . and the dra. . . well heck, I like them all.

    I'm so sorry that Peaches went missing. I . . I wish she would come back. Your Chaz seems to have a special sense when it comes to animals.

    Peace and Hugs,

  3. Ohhhh I know how sad this is for everyone. Hope MS Peaches is found safe and sound.
    Give Chaz a hug for me.

  4. Your clay sitters are so CUTE- I love the grumpy gnome, he is GREAT! And your sayings are perfect for V day! I've missed you too!
    Hope Ms. Peaches shows up :( our pets are so much more than animals