Friday, January 4, 2013

Ever heard of a Faerie Godfather?

Those of you that come to sit under the old Southern ooaks tree (and a HUGE thank you thank you for that) know that I had one more Santa piece to work on. Well......I have been trying and believe you me...I do mean "TRYING". Every time I would pick him up to draw out a pattern for his suit, I would just all of a sudden put him down and not want to do it. Of course, I would look up at my muse and she would be sitting there smiling that "I know somethin you don't know" grin...drives me nuts!! I even got up several times and took a short nap walked away for awhile. Came back...picked him....laid him on my paper to trace him for a pattern and the same feeling would take over. This just wasn't sat him on my printer and we just stared at one another. Do you know hard it is to out stare a clay character? Apparently I did it though because he fell over....just couldn't take the REGI stare I guess. HA   I picked him up and as soon as I did an image came to mind.

WIP (work in progress)

Meet Godfrey....the faerie Godfather!! Now stop laughing....just click on his picture and take a close look at his sweet, tenderhearted face. The image that came to me was of this kindly soul being a faerie protector of cats. I know....I know....dogs are a man's best friend but have you ever known a woman that had so many feline's that she was called the cat woman? Well...who do you think conned sweetly talked her into becoming one? Godfrey of course!!  He will look like any other elderly gentlemen sitting in the park with the exception of his beautiful yellow canary wings. He loves his wings because it draws the cats to him....ya a little canary would. People say that cat's have nine lives but we all know that's not quiet the truth. It's Godfrey's job to keep these furbabies safe and find them a loving home. Yes....with a sweet little old cat lady!!

I hope that you will come visit again soon so you can see how Godfrey turns out. I'm excited to see how he turns out myself. Hope there won't be any more staring contest. ^_^

Until next time..........Hugs,
Regi and Godfrey

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  1. ohhhhh I love Gofrey He has that sweet old man look about him. You are awesome with faces.