Friday, January 11, 2013

According to the's FRIDAYYYY!!!

This year is going by so fast. I mean, can ya believe it's been two weeks already. Ok ok almost two full weeks but close enough AND it's FRIDAYYY!!! The Chazman is home today...the teachers are in school. (it's a teacher/employee work day..and here I thought they worked Mon-Fri already..hehe) SO with that being said (about the Chazman being home) I had better get to work on this post because I won't have use of the computer for long. (unless he decides to sleep in and that means sleeping til around 10)

I finished the last two of my vintage tags for our January/winter tree. I think they turned out pretty dang good, if I must say so myself. Yes yes I know...I just did. HA!!!

This little sweet guy walking his little doggie out in the cold and not minding it one least little bit. I made another of my beaded snowflakes or "Winter's Teardrops" as I like to call them. Used some of my colored pens to add a bit of color. Little man was to blahhhh being in black and white with those beautiful colorful wings. I just had to add some color to him....just had to I tell ya!!

Here's the last of the four tags and isn't she adorable. Ya best be shakin those noggins "yes yes". ^_^   I have been seeing folks posting old photos of kiddos on horses and that's what gave me the idea for this tag. I love being able to use all of a photo, like the butterfly wings. Little man had the top part of the print and little miss has the bottom. Would never know though, would ya? I used several different vintage images for this one. The pony (so cute) The little girl is one and her hat, coat and hand warmer were another. I added a pretty blue silk ribbon/bow to her collar and added an inspirational saying that I so love " Spirit...the vital principle or animating force within living beings" (I encircled it with some bronze chain) I also added some German glass on the hat and hand warmer. It's hard to see it on the computer but it looks so pretty when the lights shine off of it on the tree.  Speaking of the tree, I guess it's time to show it to ya'll........

The Chazman and I are so enjoying having it still sitting in the corner and winking blinking at us at night. The little bear on the ladder is holding a crystal in his hand and is getting ready to hang it on the tree. I have been using that ladder (which my parents gave me yearszzzzz ago) ever since Chaz has been in this world. He said he wants it in all the decorating we do throughout the year too. So I guess Ted E is going to be a very busy bear climbing up and down that ladder this year. ^_^

Did ya notice in the first tree photo my teapot collection and the Mad Hatter sign I made? Let me show you a closer photo...don't want ya to miss seeing it.

I love making little signs and I will decoupage this one later on so it will last for a longer time. The print is an image of one of the illustrations from the children's book, Alice in Wonderland. Well....ok...I guess ya probably already knew that. DUHHH!! I added the Cheshire cat sitting in the tree, the teacup full of flowers that's Alice's cup, the strawberry shortcake (I mean what's a tea party without sweets, ri iight?) the cute little extra teapot, the little Mad Hatter label and the sign that states " We're all quite made here!! You'll fit right in".  Since I collect teapots and my own original Mad Hatter is sitting with them, I just had to make a sign. I noticed now too in the photo of the tree and the teapots that there is a blank space in between the Mad Hatter sign and my mermaid soap sign. I guess I know one thing I will be doing today....making something to hang there...HAHA!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to visit with me and I hope that you will do so more often this year. If you see something that I have made and would like some instructions, just ask and I will email you the how to's or even do a post about it. I love to share...sharing is a very good thing!! Also, I have decided that 2013 is going to be a year of giving. I will without announcement except in the post that will let you be "THE ONE" give the number of the comment for that post that will become "THE ONE" to win something that I have made during the year. I think it will be fun and hopefully get more to come and visit with me. I like my visitors and yes...I will stoop to bribery to get them to come. hehe

Until next time...........HUGS,


  1. Love it! Especially the Mad Hatter!

  2. Not sure what you mean about the number of the comment but I enjoyed this blog. You have some wonderful ideas and I would love to learn more about what you do. I have always enjoyed making things from what I have, rather then "buying" stuff for people. It's more personal and lets them know they were thought of in a speciaol way. Enjoy you new year and new creations along the way! Blessings, Jennifer D.

  3. Ha..that was me re:the Mad Hatter..Marilyn Folmar

  4. I LOVE your holiday tree! LOVE it!

    I especially like the little child on the horse tag. I love pictures like that.

    Have FUN!

    Peace and Hugs,