Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years gift for teacher!!!

Well well well.....the Chazman comes home from school yesterday smiling up a storm. I mean I could see his big smile as soon as he walked through the back gate. OMGOSH.....yes, he is growing up...he walks home by himself in the afternoon..if it's not raining. I go up to the school with an umbrella if it is. ^_^ Yes I spoil him to the max!! Now, what were we talking about....oh yes, his big smile. It was will never guess. Nooo...I'm telling you that you will NEVER guess from what. OK...go ahead...give it your best shot...guess. Still thinking...well....STOP and I will tell you what that huge smile was from. Not saying that you aren't smart enough or quirky enough (hehe) to figure it out on your own.. You just won't and I didn't guess right either when he asked me to guess what he was holding behind his back in his hands. I'm sure those of you that have boys or experience with 10 year boys knows that it could have been ANYTHING!!

The Chazman first tells me (before he will show me what he is holding) that Mr Hoffman had some awesome prizes he let them bid on. You see...he gives the kiddos tickets when they do good on their assignments, homework, projects or just because they were quiet when he needed them to be. It's a class of 4th graders remember. HAHA!! Normally the items are in a box and marked with how many tickets it will take to have it BUT this time he did a bidding on some of the cooler ones (Chazman's words). Chaz has been saving his tickets so he was ready when the bidding war began. He had to use 9 of his tickets to get it but he got it. The item was a bookmark. Yeah...I know you are sitting there laughing but you don't know just what kind of bookmark it was. Are you ready for this? Are you sure? It is a bookmark made from POOPOO. Yes, you read that right, POOPOO...elephant POOPOO in fact. Ohhhh, I kid you not...just look

There is NO smell or odor and I have to admit that it is pretty COOL!! I had never heard of anyone making bookmarks out of animal POOPOO but after I looked it makes perfect sense. It's made by the POOPOO Paper company, of course, why not!!!! Chaz is thrilled that he has a unique and awesomely cool bookmark and that's what counts.

He also informed me while we were reading about the POOPOO (hehe) that he didn't take Mr Hoffman a Christmas gift and he really wanted to give him something to let him know he really enjoyed his class. He made learning FUN. He said that Mr Hoffman is an Alabama fan so he wanted me to make one of my little elephant desk sitters. So I did!!!

I even made a houndstooth print paper box for the elephant to go in. I mean if he is a BAMA fan then let's go all out.. ri iight?

It's not a late Christmas gift but a Happy New Year gift. Chaz was excited to take it to him this morning. I'm glad I could make something for him to take. Handmade is something from the heart and a teacher like Mr. H deserves something special. I mean many teachers do you know that buy POOPOO!!!!

Until next time............Hugs,


  1. That is so cool!!!!!!Poo poo paper!!!!Very neat!!!!!Love the little elephant!!!
    A special gift for a special teacher!!!

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  3. Love that teacher - he knows how to keep those kids focused. :) I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall for the bidding on that cool bookmark. And your gift is so sweet and spot on. He's going to love it! xox