Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spoon to stir your tea!!

Remember that empty space over my tea pot collection? WHAT?? You don't remember?? Let me refresh your memory a wee bit.

To the left by the light switch. Ahhhhhh, now you remember. Thought ya might with a little assistance. ^_^
I made a cute little paper wall tag to go there and it fits just perfectly. I used a few vintage images, old lace and one of my old vintage silver spoons I had in a bag....just sitting there....doing nothing...just waiting on it's chance to shine again. HeHe.

I have just been waiting to use some of my old silverware and I think this little spoon added just what this tag needed. I mean you simply can not have a tea party without a spoon. Ya have to be able to stir that sugar, milk and honey up somehow.

No more empty spot now and I think I really like my wall above my tea pot collection. Even the Mad Hatter is considering how much he likes it too!!

Until next time..........Hugs,