Saturday, January 12, 2013

So sad!!

It's Saturday and the sun is shining, there's a light breeze blowing and it's a nice 72 degrees outside. Why oh Why am I so sad then? Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of my Daddy's passing. (time does not make the hurt go away) Yesterday also is the day that my sweet Ms Peaches decided to disappear. She loves to sit on the back deck and soak up the sun.....lay where the squirrels think she's going to pounce on them (pounce no....if they get to close...catch yes)  She is always sitting at the back door come dinner time but not yesterday. We looked everywhere in our back yard...several times over. The Hubbikins even walked the neighborhood with a flashlight trying to find her for me. I went to bed hoping that she would be sitting at the back door very unpatiently waiting on breakfast. She wasn't!!

It's kinda strange that I am working on Godfrey, the cat protector at this time. I got his sweater made and his little hat. I sculpted three cats...well...two cats and one kitten to go with him. Here's a WIP of the felines.

Perhaps as I work on getting these little guys detailed and praying that my sweet cat finds her way home..she will!!

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. Hi Regina.....I cannot imagine as my father is still with me......but I share your sadness and hope that you don't remember this day but all the wonderful moments and that will carry you through.....

  2. Oh Regi! I know you're sad!

    Did Ms. Peaches come back???!