Friday, January 18, 2013

Art studio has become a BATTLEFIELD!!!

First off I want to "WELCOME" my new friends. So happy that you came to visit and decided to stay!!!
Keep coming to visit, as this year I'm going to be giving away some of my least once a month.  No do this or do that....all that will be required is to simply post a comment. I will pick a post and then say which comment will receive the gift. Pick as in what number "the 5th person to comment on this post will receive a gift." This is my way of saying thank you for visiting and a way to share my art!!  ^_^

Now....let's talk about my title, shall we?  HAHA  Yesterday you will recall that it was my mermaid soul and faerie soul that decided to have it out. (my souls are my muses...I was cursed blessed with several) What a ruckus those two caused too. Remember ya'll left me with clay balls being thrown at me....not not good. I wouldn't leave you!! Well....ok....I wouldn't leave but I have to admit I probably would be laughing so hard that....ummmm...yes...ok...I would help you!! Now while those two were battling it out and being distracted, my gypsy soul decided to take advantage and come out. She reminded me that she loves Valentine's day and wanted to add her flair to my art. I think her addition was quiet lovely...............

Bronze wire was used to make the heart and then attached with silver wire one of my 80 year old vintage red glass beads and a tiny glass message bottle. There is a handwritten note inside the bottle that simply states "I LOVE YOU".  The fish hook earring wire is bronze and they have bronze stoppers on the back so that you won't loose them.

The next pair are two hearts attached. (two hearts together make one heart in love) Bronze wire was used to make the hearts as well as to attach them together.  Then I used some more of the vintage red glass beads and a tiny silver glass bead. The fish hook earrings are bronze with the stoppers attached. I love goes with both gold and silver....or at least I think so.

The last set is one simple heart with the vintage red beads and tiny silver glass bead attached. Perfect for Valentine's...ri iight? Oh who am I kidding...these would be perfect anytime. ^_^ mermaid soul has wandered in and is looking around and I do believe before she can get anything started that I am going to work on my little sea dragon.

Until next time.......Hugs,


  1. You have been sooooo busy girl! Glad to see you have lots going on in your head and it translates well to your art.

  2. These are so beautiful, absolutely love them, you have so many varied talents, I love visiting your blog to see what magical little things have appeared.
    Lindsay xx