Saturday, January 5, 2013

There's a new WhoDoo in town!!!

It's Saturday....YEA!!! The Hubbikins is at work....YEA!! Now I don't mean YEA in a mean way because I like it when he is home with us BUT him working today is overtime AND it let's me work in my studio without feeling guilty. Anyone else like that? Ohhhh, I so hope I'm not the only one. Oh well, if I am I have always been a bit odd different. HEHE

The Chazman is having his bestest buddy over this afternoon so they can build with Legos and battle monsters (in video games people...we have a monster free home...mostly) and then he is spending the night. Chaz asked (very sweetly in that ohhh mom pppplease voice) if I would make his very bestest buddy a string man. Oh yes....Chaz informed me that we DO NOT call them dolls when it comes to's a string man. So...I made a string MAN and here he WhooDoo Kahuna...the wave master!!

Chaz liked him and hinted that he would like one for his swamp AND that N will like him too and want more. So I might be making string dolls men this afternoon. ^_^ Hmmmm, wonder if anyone else would like one. They are cute on a keychain, necklace, hanging on the mirror in your car. Might have to do a few for the shop. What do you think?

I plan on finishing the faerie wings for Godfrey and then while they are drying I can work on Godfrey himself. Ohhhh, I'm going to so love working today...without any worries or any guilt. If my hubbikins does happen to read this post....well....I LOVE YOU sweetie!!!

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. Have some FUN in your studio today! Think I will too. Maybe I'll throw in some writing. . .

    Peace and Hugs,

  2. Awesome string Dude!!!! You so rock!!

  3. He's so cool, what a fabulous make, love it. I find it easier to get on with things when my partner is not home too, I don't why but time doesn't seem to disappear so quickly when he isn't here lol
    Lindsay xx

  4. How cute! I know what you mean about having some free time in the studio :)

  5. Hi Regina - thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments

    I have enjoyed wandering through your blog and love what I see - I particular like the string men

    Have a lovely day x Hilda