Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two down...two to go!!

I am having SOOOOOOO much fun playing with paper. I forget just how much fun I have until I decide to play with it again. Mine isn't as awesome as some other paper artist I know but I like it and for now...that's what counts. Of course, I really like it when you like LIKE IT...ppplease ^_^

I had four tags to make to put on the January/winter tree and I finished two of them late yesterday....almost a third one. One day I hope to be able to purchase some of the actual paper products to make these really POP but for now I am blessed that I can just make these. (I need to start several pickle/glass jars and label them for what I want to buy...hehe)

Let me show you the two I did get finished before I babble ya'll to death....hehe

Do you like them? Say yes...HA!! The top one is my favorite so far. I wonder why? It's because it's one of the sea....I love the sea/ocean/lakes/streams that surround us here. I added some of the shells from one of our beach walkabouts and one of my little clay turtles (can't forget our sweet turtles) and even added one of the tiny glass vials that holds some of our beautiful warm, white stuff. (sand people...beach sand) What could be any better than standing "By the crystal sea & Dreaming".

 The second one is "precious" I think. See...I even let you know by stating it right on the tag. hehe   I pulled out some of my vintage lace, buttons and string for this one.   I thought the button kinda looked like a snowflake...ri iight? The lace made a perfect little collar for her. I wrapped a tiny bit of my colored string around the bottom and made one of my pompoms for it. The background tag is from an old sewing thread ad and ya'll know how much I love to sew.

Now some might be asking why I'm doing the vintage tags for a January/winter tree. It's ok...go head and ask. (sitting here waiting for someone to ask hehe) Oh good...someone asked..thank you!! I don't know why but January and winter make me think of vintage or olden times. If you live where it really snows (if you are like me and NEVER get snow, look at a photo. HA) just look out the window. Snow makes such a magical place where you really couldn't tell what time period it was....that is if ya didn't already know.  I know...I'm weird...but I'm good with it!!

Until next time........HUGS,

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  1. I love them both, and I love playing with paper, too. They would look beautiful on a pink tree. You have a pink tree? :) xox