Friday, January 25, 2013

Gabie and Pumpkin...our new lil babies!!

Well....we just couldn't stand not having a furbaby in the house and for the first time we didn't get an adult cat that needed a loving home. Oh nooooo...we got KITTENS!! That's plural for more than one....yes you read that correct. There were four to choose from...we didn't get all four even though the Chazman wanted all four to live here.....we were chosen by two. Yes...I said chosen because I think the cat picks the human...not the other way around. ^_^  Two seemed very at home while roaming about on their visit so those are the ones that will be a part of our family. Just two days and they are already in our hearts. Meet Gabie and Pumpkin.

Gabie is the beautiful grey and of course Pumpkin is the gorgeous orange. They are such characters already at such a young age. (Born 12-18-12) Just like most sisters, they love to play and I do mean play. It seems they already have a favorite game of "Queen of the pillow".

Gabie says "I will rule this pillow"

Pumpkin using her ninja skills (foot to the face)

Gabie comes back with a ninja flip flop

Pumpkin telling Gabie "Sissie, it's my turn to be Queen"

Gabie told Pumpkin to go stand in the corner..ya don't argue with THE QUEEN

Gabie decides they should both be Queen and take a nap

Nothing like a sisters love

We are so enjoying these lil darlins. They both had baths today and you would have thought I was killing them. I figured they would hide from me when I finished but as soon as they were dry and I put them down they were playing with my toes and meowing at me. They are both going to be talkers. LOL  I'm hoping that I can catch Pumpkin on video when she eats because she does actually sound like she is talking. The Chazman and I both heard her today at breakfast. With every bit she took she would say Nommm nommmm nommmm in a whisper. I kid ya not...she did!!! 

Pumpkin loves to have her photo taken as you can see in this shot.

Gabie is going to be our shy little girl.

Hope ya'll don't mind but I will be showing ya more photo's as they grow into brilliant young ladies..HAHA 

Until next time........Hugs,


  1. Ohmygosh! They are soooo cute!! You picked (or they picked) wonderfully! Hugs!

  2. These two are so cute. Awwhhh
    You have your hands full now.