Thursday, May 23, 2013

Broken Shells are beauties too!!

Most that come to visit know that we live in a southern coastal town. We love our life here...there is just something about the smell of the salt air. The laughter of the seagulls help push away any stress that may try and sneak in and the beach walks relieve any remaining worries or cares.

I love finding shells...big, small, whole and even broken. They are all beauties to my eyes and my muse sings loudly when that one particular broken shell stands out. I suppose she has been a bit anxious since I haven't been able to carry out any of her ideas as of late....but last night she was just beside herself. It seems in my container full of broken shells that one contained something that I had no clue was there. A tiny mermaid that it seems....kinda got herself.....stuck!!!

It was so nice to be able to sculpt again. I started her last night and finished sculpting this morning. I have to take breaks to clear my vision but I'm happy with being able to do what I so love. I mean...this artist needs her therapy and there is none better than getting to squish the clay!!! me that is..hehe

I have this piece baking and will detail her once she is cooled down. I did add some purple, green and blue MICA powders to her tail before baking. I just love the sheen it gives my pieces. I have to be thinking of her story too, which my muse is currently whispering to me.

I don't know if I will get this completely done by today as it's AWARDS day at the school and the Chazman is receiving one. YEA for the proud of my lil guy. So can't believe that he will be in 5th grade next year. Whew...he's growing too fast. Thank goodness I'm not aging though!!!  Tonight we are going to the S'mores on the Sand event to eat s'mores of course and listen to music and the waves hitting the shore and the seagulls laughing to celebrate that school is almost out. Such a good life here...SUCH a good life.

Until next time...........Hugs,

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