Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day Four of Teacher Appreciation Week!!

All these little gifts I've been making for the Chazman's teachers this week don't come close to really showing them how much we appreciate the impact they have made on our son's learning this year. They do such an awesome job all year long. I'm glad that there is a week set aside to be able to tell them Thank you!!  I wish that they could just move up a grade like the Chazman and go with him. ^_^

Today is day four and it's a supply theme. Our budget is a tad bit small but that didn't mean I couldn't make a gift that covered the theme for today. I LOVE Dollar Tree. What in the world would I do without it? You can find just about anything you need there and at a great price. I mean a $1 or less for anything in the store. That's what any budget needs. Yes, yes..that's where the supplies came from, even the cute little tins I put them in.

Every teacher needs a ruler, ri iight? Thinking back to my past in school I can remember exactly what some of mine used theirs for and it wasn't for measuring anything. OH NOOOOO.....I wasn't at the wrong end of the stick but there sure were some that were...hehe!! In perusing through Bingland the other day there were some really cute tags to use for this of course I borrowed a few...again!!  The tag for the ruler states "YOU RULE...thanks for a great school year".  What supply gift would be without a we added a pencil with a tag that stated "You were the WRITE teacher for me". Cute write...ummm I mean right? If you add a pencil then of course you have to add a highlighter and a bag of binder clips.  I even made some cute little note cards with a wise old owl sitting on top of a stack of books. NOT that I'm calling any of them OLD but they sure are WISE. @_@   Now the one item that the Chazman LOVED was the little bottle of hand sanitizer. Not so much the bottle itself but the cute tag we made. At the bottom of the tag we wrote " Pump..Pump...Squirt...Squirt...A little germ juice couldn't hurt".  Here's a pic of all the items:

We added some tissue paper and some of the clear basket shred and then placed each item in. The Chazman said that Mr. H will be getting the red tin (ALABAMA fan remember) and his other teachers will be getting either a yellow one or a green one. I told him to decide when giving them out this morning.

Something small and simple can make such a HUGE impression on someone. I hope that if you have kiddos in school that you have told their teacher "THANK YOU" for a job well done. Of course, that is if they have been good teachers!! If not, then get that ruler out!!!!

Until next time.........Hugs,
Regi (and the Chazman)


  1. These really are cute gifts Regina. Simple, yet meaningful. Not only will the teachers remember the thought and gift but Chazman will remember making them with you.

  2. How really thoughtful, so well put together and cute. So glad I decided to check out what my followers were doing today. :-)