Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Two of Teacher appreciation week!!

Tuesday....card day!! Not only did we make "Thank you" cards for the Chazman's teachers but we also made some corner paper bookmarks to go with them last night. I know that cards get thrown away but hopefully they will use the bookmarks for a long time and think of Chaz when they do. I love making these bookmarks and if anyone else would like to make some just let me know and I will do a "How to" post just for you. OK ok...others will be able to learn too but that's the fun of sharing how to make things...ri iight??  Besides, you will know it was done especially for YOU. ^_^

Our first card we made was for Mr. H...the Chazman's main teacher. He is a super HUGE ALABAMA fan, just in case you start wondering why we did this particular card.

The Chazman said he just smiled when he saw it and really liked it. I'm so proud of myself....see the bookmark? I can't beelieeeve I actually got the BAMA in the right places when folding...hehe!!

The next card we made was for his second half of the day teacher, Mrs. L. He said that she really, REALLY liked hers too.

We put her bookmark on the corner of her card as well but I took it off for the picture so you could see the whole card. ^_^

The last but not least card we made was for his speech teacher, Mrs. P. He said she really, really, REALLY like her card.

Inside each one I placed the same note and then signed our names and the date at the bottom. I really want them to know just how much we (not just Chaz but us as parents too) appreciate the fact that they chose such a wonderful profession, that of being a teacher.

Nowww....tomorrow is sweet day and boy are they going to get a treat!! Until next time.............Hugs,

Regi (and the Chazman)


  1. hey just stopping in to say hi! You are busy as ever. That is one lucky teacher.

  2. So fantastic...that elephant card is great.