Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moon Shell, augure shells, lace murex and more!!

As I was sitting and looking at my newest mermaid ooaks, I decided that she needed more of a base. The shell she is trying to wiggle out from sitting in was found on one of our beach walks on west beach in Gulf Shores. I found several pretty shells that day and decided that I wanted to use them with this piece as well as some of the sand from there too. (brought the sand home quite by had hitched a ride inside a few shells..hehe) I think it added to Char by tweaking her base. What do YOU think?

She of course, as I told ya'll in yesterday's post, is sitting in a fighting conch shell. Some of the other shells surrounding her are a olive shell, moon shell, auger shell, lace murex, scallop, two broken pieces of a whelk shell and sand from the walk. I think she looks perfect now.

I'm gifting this to a friend that just happens to live on West beach. I think she will be excited to add her to her growing shell collection displayed on several bookshelves in her beach house. I made a little book of Char's story and a certificate of authenticity so she can always remember where this ooaks came from.

Thank you for stopping by and please...come again real soon and until next time.............Hugs,



  1. Ah Regi, yet another drool worthy creation! I have so missed your talent while I was away from Blogland. Wickedly awesome, my dear. Three cheers to you for this lovely mermaid!

  2. Oh my gosh! She looks fantastic! :)

  3. Wonderful!!! I love your mermaids best!