Friday, May 17, 2013

Oh My...I received a goodie box ^_^

OMGOSH OMGOSH OH MY GOSH ....was I ever surprised when my doorbell rang and there stood a UPS man with a package for me. MEEEE....YEA!!! It's always so nice to receive a goodie box filled with ummmm...well...GOODIES!! My sweet friend, Johanna, sent me some AWEmazing items in this little box. She herself is a fantastic clay artist and jewelry designer and crocheter. (so jealous about the last...I can NOT do matter how much I try. Pooh and bother..hehe) Let me just show you what was in my goodie box, shall I?? Ohh no need to answer that because ya know I'm going to. ^_^

I was right, ri iight? AWEmazing items. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and all of it has my muse to singing loudly. I can't believe all the goodies she sent me. Ohh ohhhh not pictured are a tiny little ball that had glitter and another tiny ball on the inside and a small bag of the cutest frogs. I guess ya'll can figure out where those items went. The Chazman confiscated those...HAHA!! He also informed me that he wants me to make a mold of the dragon head so I can make him a necklace and so that he can have the plastic one to use with his Bionicles. Apparently, it will fit perfectly in their hands. The skeleton bead he wants me to use and make him a new WhooDoo for his swamp tree. (if you don't know what my WhooDoo's are then just click HERE)

Aren't these lovely? She made me the beautiful bracelet which I'm going to love wearing out and about. I really love the little heart and key clasp. Here's one of the crocheted bookmarks she sent love her work. (still jealous that I can't do this but in a good way..hehe) She also sent me a white one and a pink one...they are in books already..hehe

Just peeking out of the photo on the left are some crochet needles and another tool to use with my clay. She also sent me some of her texture wheels (I can use the crochet needles to roll them with..she's sooo smart) The pretty yellow one has the imprint of a leaf on it. I'm very excited to get to experiment with these. She also sent me some glitter. I love me some glitter. I mean what girl doesn't like glitter. Of course, some guys do too, which means I'm going to have to hide it from the Chazman. He already made the comment that the green should would look good on one of the monsters he likes to draw. YIKES!!

Now...these are my FAVORITE things she made and sent me. I did know that she was making me a set of clay tools to use but I had NOOO idea that they would be this awesome. I have already told her she needs to make them and sell them. (so happy I got mine for free..hehe) I love the swirls of color in them and purple just ROCKS!!

Three of them I know that I will be using a good bit with my faeries and mermaids. The ends are (looking around) nipple makers. read that right...nipple makers. HOW awesome is that? She made three different sizes. Her muse really has a good sense of humor, no?

I love all of the goodies and am excited to get busy and start using them. Just what do I start with first? It's so heartwarming to have friends that send little gifts every now and then and they always seem to come at just the right time...when they are needed the most. Hugs and thank you thank you's Johanna!!

Now...I have been working on something for her even before she sent my package. Once she told me she was making me clay tools....I just had to make something special for her. She always comments on my paper items I make so I thought perhaps one of those would be nice. I want to add a few more things from my  supply stash too since she was so nice sharing with me and hopefully I can get her goodie box mailed off soon. Here's her tea party poster.

If you click on the photo you will be able to see it so much better. I used one of my old silverware spoons..I mean you have to have a pretty spoon for a tea party, ri iight? Used several great vintage postcards that I cut and then put back together. (faeries, dragons and teddies..OH MY) Glitter and german glass was used which of course you can't see in the photo. (Pooh and bother) I used one of my dragonegg beads to help balance the piece so when she hangs it on the wall it will hang just right. The little Tea time tag hanging from the spoon states "Dragons, Faeries, Ted E Bears and Humans Welcome" and at the bottom of the tag I stated "WARNING: Dragons might scorch Ted E Bears". (our little secret as Dragonladies..hehe)

Now....what to get started on? ^_^     Until next time.............Hugs, Regi


  1. Ooooooooh, I couldn't resist reading all the way through. I LOVE what you've made for me! LOVE it! And our little secret;you put that in too! :) You've made my day with this glowing review of the goody box. I sure hope you can use the tools and things. It sounds like you've made your muse sing with all the ideas in your head, lol.

    Peace and Love my Friend,

  2. You are so lucky to receive such a wonderful gift box. However, you deserve it.