Friday, May 24, 2013

Can't catch MEEEE!!!

Way beneath the ocean waves, there is a game waiting to be played on the ocean floor below. Broken shells have been lined up in a row and then some scattered to and froe. A red crab is sitting on a large, flat rock and with a clitter and a clack of  his great big claw....sounds the's time to start !!

This game is fun and is one that teaches. Teaches mermaids how to dart and dash in between the broken shells to learn to squish and squeeze their fish like keep out of reach of danger. Of course, there is no danger today as they are just playing their game of broken shells.

One little mermaid by the name of Char has darted and dashed and done quite well. That is until she darted into one that was a tight little fit. She squiggled (that's wiggled, giggled  and squealed all in one) until she was halfway out and then started laughing and calling for HELP!!

Char is one of my hand sculpted clay ooaks (one of a kind sculpts). No molds are ever used!! She has a strong wire armature underneath her clay body. Her tail and face scales were dusted in fine MICA powders to give her that shiny, watery look. Her face was detailed using acrylic paints and her eyes hand painted on tiny bone beads. Natural tiny shells cover her tata's (yes...she is quiet shy) and she is sitting inside of a natural   fighting conch shell.'s a broken one. Remember..she was playing the game!! Her hair is dyed wool and is embellished with tiny glass beads and real pearls. Char and her game piece (that's the shell..hehe) sit at 6 1/2 inches and are supported by a strong wire base.

I have so many broken shells from our beach walks that are just calling out to be used for more mermaid habitats. I do believe I'm going to be sorting through all my collection and see just how many I do have. I'm going to have to take a flour sifter on my next walk so that I can get some of the tiny little shells. No no..I don't use it for flour anymore...just sand!!

Until next time..............Hugs,


  1. Oh this is so gorgeous, I love her hair and her little face is so cute. Sorry I haven't been by for a while (I couldn't remember what your blog was called) I was so glad when you hopped over and commented on my blog as that meant I could find you again and I do so love your gorgeous creations (I will bookmark your blog now so I don't lose it again lol apologies for being ditzy)
    Lindsay xx

  2. Char is just too awesome. Your art is always so unique and genuine.
    Wishing you a very nice weekend

  3. Loving your story to this one! Char is absolutely adorable! You have such a keen imagination Regi!