Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day Three of Teacher Appreciation Week!!

OMGOSH....I can NOT believe that I am actually getting to do my post in the morning (like I"m suppose to)  instead of late in the afternoon. Yea me!! Monday and Tuesday were late postings because I was cleaning a BIG, messy beach house and didn't get to post until late but there is no cleaning. Well...there really is..MINE!! I want to apologize to ya'll now though in the quality of some of the's difficult taking them at 1am. Can we say Whooo Whooo? All my fellow night owls will I know!!! @_@

It's day THREE of Teacher Appreciation Week and it's SWEET day. There are so many cute ideas floating around out there in BING or google land and it's fun looking at all of them for inspiration. Inspiration they did give too...that and my muse whispering in my ear and trying to grab a few of the sweet treats..hehe  After looking at everything and knowing that I wanted to make sure a part of the gift was something they could use and keep to remember the Chazman by I (hey..stop poking me muse) I meant WE came up with something that I think the teachers will really like. A movie night POPcorn container filled with candies. I mean, who doesn't like a good movie night and all the goodies that go along with it.

I started with a popcorn container...well..duhhh Regina, they could figure that one out...hehe. Found some really cute ones at the Dollar Tree....two for $1. Good price, ri iight? The perfect size for a single serving of popcorn for future use and the perfect way to show off their gift. The goodies we placed inside were a box of Cracker Jack's which I so wanted to opened and had to contain myself...I wanted the prize inside. Remember eating those as kiddos and getting some really cool prizes, like rings and little people. They don't put those in them now and I guess I should really just shhhhhush since I am telling my age here. :P   Ya'll know me and know that I could not just put a box of Cracker Jack's (not opened and prize still intact. I promise..hehe) into the container. I  had to add that "sumthin sumthin" to make it POP. HEY...I made another funny...get it? Cracker Jacks are popcorn and I said.....oh you get it!! While I was floating around BINGland I found this blog that had some really cute ideas and one that she let us borrow and use for free. The cutest tag and I swaney it was made just for me. Nooo..not really but it was perfect. Go visit the domesticatedlady and read her post about a cute idea using this tag too. Thank you Melissa!!

See there...even she used the POP in popcorn to make this tag even more awesome. I love the movie theater theme around the tag. Didn't I tell you it was perfect for my Cracker Jack's...that I didn't open...I swaney...even though I really, really, REALLY wanted to.

Now what would the movies be without smarties. I could eat several rolls of them..ok ok...I USE to could eat several rolls of them. They need to come out with sugar free ones...just sayin!! Again, I couldn't just plop some smarties in the container. I had to make them STAND out and HAHA...I surely did...make them STAND a pair of pants. ^_^  This idea came from a blog that had made a teacher's Valentine gift last year. Can ya guess what pants and Smarties could possible have in common? Think now....I know ya'll are real SMARTie pants...HA!!  Trish and Bonnie over at uncommondesignsonline are the ones I borrowed their pants from. Oops...I mean their pants tag. Thank you ladies for giving me inspiration!!

Sorry about the blury shot....1am just doesn't have the best lighting.  Cute idea though, isn't it? The tag I typed says "Thank you for helping me become a real SMARTie pants this year". So hope they (drool) enjoy their smarties and I swear...I didn't eat any of them. I gave the extra few rolls to the Chazman.

Momma always taught me when doing designs of any kind to always make it an odd number, so that's what I did. Besides, I figured they would like more candy AND it wouldn't be HERE to tempt ME. A simple idea from several things I saw while exploring using M&M. There were some cute poems that pointed out the colors and what they stood for but I couldn't use them container wasn't big enough..hehe
Sooo.. I tied up some peanut M&M's in a small clear bag...tied it off with some jute cording..added a little tag that simply stated "You're an M&M (Magnificent & Marvelous)".

Again...sorry about the shot. (grimacing). 

Now that I had all our cute candy ready...I simply placed it inside the container....added a cute movie ticket tag with a "Thank you from Chaz" and they were ready to go.

Tomorrow is supply day and I'm going to start working on them as soon as I post this. Until next time...Hugs,


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  1. What an awesome gift!!! I know she'll LOVE it! I always have participated in this for Bella's teachers...until now. Her teacher is just a hag, doesn't like Bella, and I can't force myself to create gifts for her. So I'm not.

    I know, I'm a terrible person!