Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My paper monster came out to play!!

Haha...yes..I have a paper monster and it was on the loose yesterday!! I normally keep my work area really neat (just have to...drives me bonkers..ok ok..more bonkers...if I don't keep it neat) EXCEPT when I'm working with paper. It can and does get really MESSY. Little pieces everywhere from my cutting and shaping. Little hole punches all around from my.....well.....hole punching..hehe!! I don't mind it at all being messy then except when it comes time to clean it all up. When I step back before cleaning, it looks like a monster has invaded my space and it did..ME!!

Our a/c went out Sunday afternoon and after several times of the a/c man coming out, he finally fixed it late yesterday...YEA!! To keep cool in between I opened up all my windows in my back room (my studio so to speak or it was until the cats took it over) turned on the ceiling fan and dug out my paper. I wanted to make some more bookmarks to take to the library. I love donating my little creations and they seem to like them, that's a good thing!!  I sat down with a piece of paper and doodled out some sketches in pencil, took a photo, downloaded to my computer, printed them out on cardstock, watercolored them and then added some scrap paper to the top. OHH, and tied some yarn and/or hemp rope onto them. I did three different ones and made six of each. Here's what they look like.....

The first one is one of my mermaids. She is sitting on a rock and holding onto a pair of fish balloons or perhaps they are her pet fish and she is taking them for a walk or swim...that would have to be for a swim. I imagine it would be hard walking on fins, eh?  Her little saying on the bookmark is "Dive Into a good fantasy story!!".

The next one was inspired by my sweet, mischievous little Pumpkin. She loves to play with my yarn and buttons (I can't leave any out anymore because she dumps them out and pushes them all over the floor...silly cat) The sweater idea came from her pushing herself into the bottom of my basket I have some old pieces of sweaters in that I use for my Santa ooaks. Like I said....silly cat!!!  The saying I put on this one was "Nothing beats unraveling a good book".

The last one I made yesterday was this little cutie. I adore elephants...especially baby ones. So cute and adorable when they are holding onto momma's tail. The saying for this one.... "Always Hold onto a good book!!".

The a/c is fixed but I'm patiently waiting on the plumber to get here to put in our new electric hot water heater. (the old one bit the dust late Monday night) It seems our sweet house decided she needed some new accessories...hehe While I'm waiting I might just let the paper monster come back out today and do a few more sets of bookmarks. ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,
Regi's another one I added today to go to the library. One of my faerie maidens (three with black hair and three with red)


  1. Oh dear, I love these bookmarks! I think my fave would have to be the cute Pumpkin one. I just LOVE kitties. Thanks for sharing Regi!! You are such an artist in every aspect!