Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Happy Monday!!!

I hope that everyone has an amazing week this week and Happy Happy Monday!!! So glad that you stopped by to visit....thank you thank you!!

It was a rather quiet weekend around here. We did find a treasure chest (yard sale) while out running some errands on Saturday. Found some items I plan on redoing into some very cool things or at least that's what my muse is whispering.

I'm sooo hoping the clock works...she said it did when she stopped using it....just needs a battery...she said. If it doesn't then my mind is seeing a little clock maker sitting on it just working away. The round box and the cube box I'm thinking of painting some of my whimsical mermaids on. The cute little stackable glass jars are going to hold some sand and shells. The little mason jar....well....I've already used it. It's now a hermie house.

Before anyone says anything...that's play sand from the Dollar Tree inside.  I  (looking around)  do have some beach sand but it's not much. It's sand that is found inside the shells I bring home and that sand I use in the tiny glass vials found in my jewelry designs.

Like I was a quiet weekend around here. The Chazman wasn't feeling really well (I will be so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY when Mother Nature has resolved whatever issues she is having) and the mister watched TV. Well.....he really watched through his eyelids most of the time...amazing how men can do that.
I myself worked on some more shell medallions

and a couple of oyster ring holders

I will probably be working on the medallions and making the hemp roping for them today but that's after I have another cup of coffee and read for a little bit. It's a rather overcast morning and that makes for such a perfect snuggle in a comfy chair and read kinda day.

Until next time.........keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes!!


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  1. What a bunch of lovely goodies you've found! I am looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with for that clock! You have been busy with those sea shells I see! Good for you!