Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you remember visiting Santa? Loveman's in Normandale, oh yeah!!

WELL...... it seems that the Mister must have dreamt that he was a mummy last night. I came to that conclusion due to the fact that  I awoke this morning with no covers and icicles hanging from my ears. Ok ok perhaps there were no icicles but it was purty dang COLD and I didn't have any covers. The Mister had
totally and completely wrapped himself up in a mummy!!  I so hope that YOU don't sleep with a
mummy so hope!!

I'm sitting here drinking my THIRD cup of coffee and not sure if I'm doing it because I love coffee that much or if I'm just wanting to hold the mug to warm my fingers up so that I can work on Santa some more...hehe
So far....Santa has pants!! YEAH...that's a good thing because it's to cold to be running around NEKKID!! He also has his boots on which is another good thing....keeps those tootsies warm. (HEHE...I actually have on TWO pair of socks. Do you know how hard it is to put flip flops on with TWO pair of socks?) I'm working on the trim to go around the top part of his boots. I'm using thin white cording and doing a twisted square knot. I think it looks really good...adds some "UMPH" to his boots.

I think Santa was trying to blow his breath on his hands to warm them up.

I'm hoping once my hands thaw out..HAHAHA ummm I mean HOHOHO...that I'm going to get this guy finished. I already have his coat and hat cut out. I just need to get them sewn up and on him. I haven't done a traditional dressed Santa in quite some time. Do you remember going to see Santa...sitting on his lap and whispering to him what you really wanted for Christmas? Yes..I whispered...I was soo shy!!  Loveman's department store in the Normandale shopping center was were the REAL Santa always came and I have some very fond memories and a few not so fond. Like the year one of my sisters SCREAMED the whole time she was sitting with him and the elf taking the photo just said "SMILE".  Yeppers, she took that photo with my face being very "What can I do" and my sister balling her little eyes out. Like I said....memories and why this Santa will be in his red fur lined outfit.

The REAL Santa at Loveman's in the Normandale Shopping Center.

I wanted to ask a question. When do YOU decorate for Christmas? I have always, always done ours the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's become a tradition but I have to say that after yesterday I'm having a very hard time fighting the urge to start decorating NOW!!!! It makes it even harder when the Chazman is begging me to do it now too. The reason is not that I'm working on a Santa...if it was then my house would stay decorated all year long...hehe!! It's because our sweet and loving friend, Janine, brought us some goodies yesterday. Thank you thank you Moma J (that's what the Chazman calls her...she is such an awesome adopted Grandmother) 

Can ya believe all the goodies? Chaz is really excited about the 4ft tall Santa. He isn't up to his full height sitting in the box...hehe  This Santa sings songs and dances and you can even hook him up to your radio and he will sing with that. AWWWESOME!!! There are two is 4ft and going to be sitting in Regi's B&B (the front sunroom) and the 5ft one that has fiber optics and turns is going in the Chazman's room. There are gumdrop lights (what Chaz calls color lights because when you look at them and squint they look like "Gumdrops") there are some vintage peppermint candy light covers, some cranberry/gingerbread men/peppermint garland and many more. I will show you more when I do decorate which might be soon. No, I will wait....umm....maybe. ^_^ 

 Now...I have a question, do you see the orb by the dresser? I took about three photos of this same shot and this is the only one it appears in. I have two friends that are "sensitive" to spirits and have made the comment that we have a few that like being here with us. I think one wanted to check out the decorations too, eh?  Ohhh and the fuzzy little thing in the bottom left corner, that's not a spirit...that's Callie. She loves having her picture made....such a ham. Boo doesn't like it so much!!

Until next time......Hugs,


  1. You know, I always figured that the Christmas season is often so full of just plain work with all the extra cooking, shopping, and decorating and such; I never have the time to just SIT and ENJOY the happy vibes and the pretty decorations. I say taken 'em all out and put them up and ENJOY them. The season passes by so quickly! I LOVE the gorgeous red fabric you've chosen for his trousers! That happy fellow is coming together so nicely!

  2. Oh, and that is such a pretty picture of Callie. She is a stunning kitty! WOW.