Friday, September 26, 2014

BAHAHA...ever made bra and panties for an ooaks?

Good Morning Peoples!! Well, well, seems my muse talked me into doing something I don't think I have even done before. Yeppers, she talked me into making Glenda some unmentionables...hehe!! I guess even witchie poos like to know they are dressed pretty underneath their clothing even when no one else gets to see. Of course, YOU get to see...bahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Black is definitely her color. 
She even wanted her matching black socks on. 

In showing you these you can see how I do any joints that I leave non clayed. I needed to be able to bend her elbows so that she can be holding her props. I wrapped them in thin yarn so that it gives the joints a bit more strength. 

I LOVE how her eyes POP out at you. Green is such a good eye color for that. (secretly wish I had green eyes) Is she giving her crooked smile look or grimace look or is she talking outa the side of her mouth? Hmm, talking to someone or something? We shall see......we shall see.

I'm going to work on her pantaloons and peasant top this morning and hopefully get to her skirt and under skirt this afternoon. (maybe even get to adding her dreadlocks too) More WIP images to come so plan on coming back to visit under the old Southern ooak tree, please. 

Until next time...........Hugs,

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  1. She must shop somewhere . .. 'special' to get all those matching unmentionables, heheheheheheheeeeeee!