Friday, September 12, 2014

THE CLAY has spoken....hehe!!

Happy Friday peoples!! This has been a fast indeed. I'm happy that the weekend is almost upon us as I'm helping out at Beach Reflections tomorrow and am sooo excited to see all the changes they have made. If in the area.....YOU...should pop in to see all the new items available. Easy peasy to find, 1210 Gulf Shores Parkway....that's on Hwy 59 and the shop sits right in front of our Little Zoo that could and has MoJo's on one side and Zooland mini golf on the other. could just make it a day of FUN and shopping, don't forget the shopping!!

I worked on Glenda yesterday and this morning. My muse had some serious debates with me on how she was suppose to look. I at first wanted a cutie pie witch (I mean really...Glenda from the Wizard of Oz was a beauty) but it seems that my clay (and muse) had some very different ideas. I let it sit overnight so I could ponder on just what direction I wanted to go with this one and after sitting here this morning and being stared down by the piece....well....this is what I'm going with....hehe. (yeppers...the clay won out)

She may not be a pretty witch but at least she is a sweet, smiling old witch. At least for the lil trick or treater I hope she is....we will see, won't we?? She's a sweet old lady offering a HUGE lollipop, what's evil about that?

I hope that you have an awesome day and do something FUN or relaxing or creative. Just do something!!

Until next time......Hugs,

Now I hope my clay and muse let me keep my idea on the bunny costume....hummmmm!!!


  1. She's looking good---and HAPPY! Doesn't look mean at all. Don't ya' know? We're GOOD WITCHES!

    1. Thanks and Yes we are....even if I have to keep reminding myself...hehe