Thursday, September 11, 2014

A day for remembrance and quiet!!

It's hard to believe that 13 years have passed since time seemed to have stood still for so many. Disbelief that something of that magnitude could happen, so many innocent lives lost and for what? Today marks the day that we all stop and take time to remember all those that were lost, those that walked into danger to try and save their fellow man. To those that lost loved ones, neighbors, coworkers and are still mourning...I keep you in my heart, thoughts and prayers.......every single day!!

Since it is a quiet day today to reflect I'm going to sculpt. I know that I have said countless times before that I consider it "My therapy" and it truly is. It gives me time to just let my mind lose all track of time and just let my inner peace come out. Of course, with my very vivid and over active imagination (my muse whispering in my ear) that peace doesn't last for long.

Yesterday I finished the armatures...all wrapped up like mummies they are. WAIT....I thought I was doing witchies. Oh yes, yes I am...whew...thought my muse had changed ideas on me. HAHA!! How do you make your armatures? I like to do a strong wire shape and then wrap it in floral tape and put a little umph here and there (that's boobies and tushies peoples) and then coat it in white glue and let dry.

While I was waiting on these two lovelies to dry,  I raided my fabric stash to pick out materials for their costumes. This witch is going to be quite fashionable....I mean....she is a candy witch which means she is a good witch....hopefully.....the muse is still whispering "I'll get you my pretty bahahaha".  For the little trick or treater I'm thinking of doing one of my ooaks from a time back. Do you remember Lil Miss LuLu? No...well click HERE and refresh those memories please. Now do you remember? Still need some refreshing...go HERE then. Isn't it fun traveling back in time? If only we could do it for real but that's another story or stories...hehe  Anyways, she first came about from my love of Ralphie and his Christmas present from the Movie A Christmas story. No no, not the "You'll put your eye out" BB gun but his bunny costume. LOVED it!! She came to mind this time though in thinking about my boys and past Halloween times. I always loved to make their costumes when they were little and normally tried to make them where they could wear them as pj's afterwards. NOOOO, I never made mine wear a bunny costume although any of them would have been adorable in it. Just sayin!!! This time though she won't be dragging her bunny around but a nice big old candy container......trying to decide between a vintage pumpkin look or a vintage cat. That's still being tossed around. What do you suggest?

Now, let me end this post so that I can start to sculpt. Come back tomorrow for some more WIP images and if you have any questions about how I do things....just ask....I love to share!!

Until next time........Hugs,

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  1. Oh gosh, I made a bear costume for Matt when he was a year and a half old, he was just so CUTE! (((Shhh!))) Can't have him know I tell people about his 'adorable' days, heheheheheheeeee! I never thought about turning the Halloween costumes I'd made into pajamas---NEAT idea!
    I think she should have a little black cat container. .. that's just me. It would make for a really nice contrast against the pink.