Saturday, September 13, 2014

WARNING: Nekkid images..hehe

Happy Happy Saturday peoples!!! I'm very glad that you stopped by today but I do hope that you will not sit in that chair all day. It's the weekend...GET UP and do something FUN!! WAIT WAIT....not just yet. Didn't ya want to see the NEKKID images....hehehehe!!

I worked on the witchie yesterday and YES YES as much as I truly wanted to, I didn't change her face. *Looking around* I was kinda afraid what she would do to me if I did....I mean...she is a witch. BAHAHA!! I think the rest of her turned out to be the old hag person she was meant to be. The Chazman even commented "WOW Mom....great job...she even looks old and'd ya do that?" I smiled (and giggled) and told him thank you and of course did NOT tell him that all I had to do was look in the mirror....perfect old model.

HAHA..told ya she had the perfect hag old person body. looking at her....those are kinda perky tata's for a woman of her age. Think she uses a spell to keep them UP? I need to learn it myself. ^_^

How bout them shoes peoples? I can not wait (ok ok yes I'll have to wait but ya know what I mean) to get them painted and detailed. HEY...even old witchie poos like to have some style.

I'm helping out at Beach Reflections today and will work on her hands tonight. I LOVE to make hands..especially old folks hands. Yes...I look at mine as a model then too..hehe  Thank goodness there is some benefit to getting old. Do you like to make hands? I did a tut a good while back if you're interested in seeing it. Just go HERE and if you have any questions.....just ask away. I'm going to leave the area in between her shoulders and hands free of any clay and just wrap it in thread. That way I can bend the arms at the elbow for any pose I need her in. (still playing with perhaps making this a dark witch in some way...just haven't fully decided or as we all know the real reason muse hasn't told me yet..hehe)

Until next time.......HUGS,

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  1. Good grief! Her 'tatas' look better than mine! I don't think she's got any 'dark witch' in her, but then, she IS a witch, so I guess that means she's full of surprises. :)