Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oak Trees and Witches....what a combination!! ^_^

Good, Happy Saturday morning peoples!! I hope today is going to be a good one for YOU. I'm helping out at Beach Reflections today. Love being there, meeting so many wonderful folks with a few funny and hilarious characters thrown in...hehe!! HEY...I'm one of those too so I can call others's a compliment....most the time. ^_^

I was able to get some work done on Glenda Glitch yesterday and also on one of the (looking around) secret props that I haven't shown ya'll just yet. (and not going to show you now either...snicker snicker) Her pantaloons, peasant top and necklace are complete and she's one happy witch. I hope this afternoon when I get home that I can get her petticoat made and perhaps even her poofy skirt. Stop laughing....yes....the evil witch likes poofy skirts. She wants a poofy skirt.....she gets a poofy skirt. I don't want her to be turning me into a frog now. (Hmmm....there are a few others that I might like her to do that too though..HAHA)

It's hard to see in the photo but the bead on her necklace matches her shoes. Bahaha!!

Remember the oak tree medallions I made a while back? Well....they have been added to my Etsy shop. Look over on the right sidebar, yeppers over there and you'll see a link you can click on to get there. I'm going to be adding more new things in the next few weeks so visit there often. It's getting close to time to start buying those Christmas gifts ya know. All of my jewelry comes in one of my little paper gift boxes. Ready to give. (or keep..hehe)

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Pssst....the first person to comment here and then let me know on Facebook will win a bracelet made like Glenda's necklace. Let's see who doesn't just look at the pretty pictures. Ya have to post here and on Facebook. ^_^

  2. You uh, you get why she wants a poofy skirt, right? Well, she's got to have some place to hide her wicked wand, her eyes of newts, her mojo bag and such. I mean, she's always ready to turn you into a toad, no? And my post doesn't count as the first post you know!

  3. Wow it is so nice to see you posting. You sound so happy and excited. I love this little beautiful creature.
    Have the best Sunday