Monday, September 29, 2014

It's definitely a Monday!!

Happy Monday morning.....NOT!!!! Ok to YOU I do wish a happy Monday but for seems I ate some bad chicken livers yesterday and am paying the ultimate price. BLAHHHH!!! Don't like being sick, not at all, especially when it's the way my grandmother use to put it, "both ends be a running for the hills". Yeah, probably to much FYI...sorry!!

I was able to work on Glenda yesterday BEFORE I ate the livers and she now has her petticoat and poofy skirt. (yes yes hide those witchie necessities she might need....hehe and yes, your comment post counted. Silly dragonlady)

She be a styling, ri iight? I'm working on making some eyelashes for her. Not sure they are going to work out but if they do then I will share a how to. Just in case some of my artist friends are in need of making some themselves......remember....I love to share. Hopefully, I can get her dreads put on today and work on her fancy witch hat I have planned.

When I was downloading these two images to share with you it seems that another image was snapped. Now I only took these two and no others so it's a bit puzzling to me. I always put my camera back in the desk drawer so that Piwacket doesn't decide to get to curious and check it out. HaHa   It's of the top of my desk but it seems that "someone" wanted their pic taken. Do you see them?

I know that we have some spirits here with us and thankfully they are sweet, kind ones or have been for the past two years. If you come to visit often under the old Southern ooak tree then you have seen an image of several orbs that were intrigued by Christmas decorations I had been given last November. If ya don't remember or haven't seen them then just click HERE. I have always had at least one with me since I moved out on my own some....well....we'll just say a good long time ago...bahahaha...and as long as they behave then I don't mind having them about at all. It seems my Chazman can sense them as well so hopefully they are just guardians to us and who wouldn't want a guardian watching over them?

Until next time..........Hugs,

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  1. I like the colors Glenda has picked, she's got a thing for SPARKLIES perhaps? She's going to have dreads?! So uh. .. feeling any 'cold spots' in the house maybe? That last image. .. veeeeeeeerrrry interesting!