Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Happy...ummm..what day is it?

Ohhhh....I'm just kidding. I know what day it is cause I marked off my calendar this morning. (scratching head hoping I haven't missed marking one off cause then I REALLY don't have a clue what day it is..hehe)
Happy Happy Wednesday peoples!!

I have been working on a few things at once to get them finished so that I can devote all my time on my newest witchie sculpt....Glenda. (plus my muse is buzzing around and about to get swatted with the fly swatter if I don't) Don't ya just hate when yours does that? OK OK humor me and say "Of course it does Regi". Thank you.

One of the things I can check off my finished project list are some macrame ooak tree medallions. I had fun making them and will probably put them in my Etsy shop here in the next few days. Perfect jewelry piece for fall, yes?

 This is one has a hemp rope necklace that measures 24 inches. The medallion itself measures 5 inches, that's from top of medallion down to roots hanging down. Wooden beads along with bone beads are on the hemp rope with tiny bronze beads and caps (to look like acorns) are on the medallion.The next image is just so you can see the tree a bit better.

This one is on a hemp rope that measures 24 inches as well with the medallion being 5 inches from top to roots. The hemp rope has wooden beads and two large Tibetan beads. The medallion has wooden beads.
 This one has a hemp rope that measures at 18 1/2 inches with the medallion being 4 inches from top to roots. The hemp rope on this one has bone beads, wooden beads and Tibetan spacer beads. On the medallion there are bone beads and wooden beads.
This one has hemp rope measuring at 24 inches and the medallion is 4 inches from top to roots. The hemp rope has bone beads, wooden beads along with Tibetan spacers. On the roots are two bone beads and a tree of life charm. 

Now my second project that I can mark off my list is my ooaks "Godfrey the cat guardian". I think he and his little charges turned out just purrrrfect. Don't you? ^_^   I will do a separate post about him in a few days that will tell his story. I love writing my little ooaks stories. 

Now, I can get started on the newest witchie and make this muse shhhhhhush for awhile...hehe or should that be Bahahaha? I hope that you will come back to visit and follow along with this one as I'm working on it. Ya know I luv when ya visit!!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

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