Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy...what day is it? HeHe

Good morning peoples!!! Happy....ummmm....Wednesday!!! I was going to say the other but it's kinda been run into the ground, yes? I hope today is one filled with joy, love, adventure and HOPE!!

I've not been able to work on the Glenda Glitch as I've been helping out at Beach Reflections this week. Do YOU know about Beach Reflections? Well, if ya don't.....then where in the world have ya been peoples? HeHe  It's a great little beach themed gift shop in Gulf Shores, AL. Recently it's become two awesome shops in one. Beach Reflections and The Blue Mermaid. Some really awesome things to be found there and if you come visit their facebook page and see something you want that has been posted but don't live close by then you can simply send them a comment and they can send ya an invoice and then as soon as it's paid your item (ya know, the one you just had to have) will be shipped that day. Yeppers....we're that fast!!! Come visit in person or through Facebook. They just got in some really cute HOPE bracelets that would make excellent Christmas gifts. Numbers 1-15 are $14.95 and #16 is $19.95.

I'm hoping to work on Glenda some this afternoon after I get off from helping out at the shop and picking up the Chazman from school. I'm sure she is tired of being nekkid...hehe!!! I have plans for a pair of black pantaloons and peasant top. Haven't decided if she's going to have on a pair of black hose or not. What do YOU think?

Until next time.............Hugs,


  1. I like black hose on Glenda's hairy legs, I mean, hosiery makes quite the statement---depending on the kind, right? And I love some of those bracelets, they're going to go FAST I think! I think I am partial to #12 and #14, or maybe #3, #4, and #11. .. hmmmn.

  2. I am all for black on her legs as well, but can't you make it nice lace top stockings?? Nice garter belt perhaps, errmm......