Friday, December 16, 2011

"Party like a ROCK like a ROCKSTAR"

WOW....I understand that phrase now.   I know you are probably in shock...go around the desk holding your face and screaming "It can't be so...tell me it isn't so".  Of course, it isn't so.....SO you can sit back down and relax. What I mean by the phrase is that I pulled an all nighter and I haven't done that in many many many (whew) many many many many...ok..I think ya get the point....years!! It seems that cutting all the different pattern pieces and then sewing 25 penguins takes a tad bit more time than I thought.

I will have to take another pic of one of the penguins when the Chazman gets in from school. Either my camera or perhaps even myself was a tad bit out of focus and the pic didn't take. I didn't make them exactly like the original one I showed ya'll in my earlier post. I didn't make them a hat but I did make their scarves out of real wool. I didn't get a chance to add my faux snow flakes or glitter either. I LOVE to play embellish with my faux snow flakes and glitter. I really do....even if I end up somehow wearing more of it than I should..hehe. DON'T ask!!!!

I did manage to get a few shots of the "BOX". You remember the "BOX"...ri iight?? The one I painted for the mummies to be delivered in. You do remember the "Mummies"...ri iight?? (why am I suddenly feeling like I'm in a very old detective story?)  I took the same box...HA....I bet you thought I was going to type "BOX" again...didn't you?  OK I need coffee to.....snap out of the Chazman would say. Like I was saying..I took the package, removed the mummy info and touched it up a bit.

Why is it that the pretty twinkles of our glitter don't show up in pics.....arrggggg!!  I guess I will have to just tell you what I'm talking about. Three of the corners I painted with white resemble snow of course. The package is coming from the North Pole. Once the paint was dry, I added a coating of Twinkles crystal glitter. HEY...I did get to play with some glitter but sadly not the kind that you can wear...ummmm...I mean the kind that accidently spills on you like faery dust. Wait...I said "Don't Ask"  ^_^  so I'm not pfft ....there. My, my...please forgive...the rockstar in me apparently can't ROCK it all night long anymore...I am apparently delirious from lack of sleep.

I found these really cute tags online. I love the North Pole mailing label with the "ELF INSPECTED and SANTA APPROVED" stamped on it. The four little stamps really added to the.........package (gotcha) but I almost panicked when I went to print them off and discovered that my colored ink cartridge was empty. No worries though....I came up with an idea to use them anyways. Yep...I can come up with ideas when I haven't pulled an all nighter. I did the printing BEFORE the party!! I printed them off using my black only cartridge and then water colored them with my water color pencils. Love my water color pencils!! It gave them a vintage look...don't ya think? The big Santa tag is one that is appearing everywhere it seems. I really love it and knew it would add to the I printed it off in black only and painted it.There twinklie, sparklie coating is not showing up. I covered Santa's beard, hair and eyebrows with it and it really looks awesome...not the dull color showing in pic. Could be the photographer though!!!

 Chaz said he is bringing the box and the tag home this afternoon. The tag he is going to hang on the tree. I just love when my kiddo loves something that I have made. Ahhhhhhhhh....let me sit and relish in that feeling a moment. Nooo, better not...I might nod off ^_^

Until next time............Hugzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. There won't be a pic of one of these penguins as my sweet Li'l man gave his away to another child that he thought needed some Christmas cheer. (one of the riders on his bus) I'm so Blessed to have such a child.