Friday, December 2, 2011

Boo Hoo!!

Boo Hoo...Boo Hoo, what a sad sad day
It seems this artist has run outa of clay

My muse is whispering for me not to fret
She has an idea that is a sure sure bet

Some paper, a pencil and hearing my muse
it seems I have drawn a critter to use

I love to sculpt with my clay, as anyone that knows me, knows that to be true but it's not the only thing that I can do. OMGOSH...I'm still rhyming....sorry!! ^_^  Let me shake it off. (standing up....shaking my head all around) OUCH...ok enough of that.Now I'm dizzier than normal. comment on that subject. I heard that!!  It is true that I have used all of my clay and since the Hubbikins seems to be actually cleaning his pockets out before he puts his pants in the washer. Dang it So nice of him. My pickle jar is a tad bit low. (pickle jar...where I hide put any and all loose change I find...which use to be in the Hubbikins pants pockets that he forgot about) 

Being an artist is what I am...and it's also how I keep myself makes for a great "THERAPY" session. Keeps me sane...most of the time. In thinking about some of my past sessions work, I remembered some of the fabric critters I use to enjoy designing, sewing and painting. In moving it seems I have lost my pattern folder so I just sat down and started doodling some new ones. I use the term "doodling" as I don't really think of myself as the kind of artist that can draw...just stating a fact!! Anyways, here are some of my doodlings so far.................

This one will be a monkey. I keep my designs simple....very very simple. Can ya tell? HeHe  I'm thinking that I might even make a banana to go with him...attach it to a string to one of his arms. I mean..a monkey has to eat or he could go APE!! 

This of course is a FROG. I love frogs and being the mom of a true ALL AMERICAN's a very good thing that I do!! Can't ya just hear him saying "Ribbet"? Thinking of frogs...I use to make small clay ones and give them as inspirational gifts to friends that were feeling blue. Now....I know what you are probably thinking. "Perhaps Regi has gone insane...what do frogs have to do with inspiration?" Well, let me tell you. On the bottom of each frog I would write the word FROG and I would attach a tag that explained why I was giving them a frog. Here is what the tag would say.....

Fully Rely on God
This smiling fella is a cat. I bet the body pattern looks funny to ya, huh? does on paper but once sewed looks kinda cute. Kinda like this......

 I have to get him or her all painted up and then I will show just what my fabric critters really look like. I really like this body design and I thought of another creature that would look cute with it. Can ya guess what it might be?'s PUFF the magic dragon of course. I think he will look so cute with this he is laying around just waiting for some mischief magic to get into. 

These make such cute gifts to give. You can paint them and leave them just painted. Perfect for a little boy to have a playmate for all those monster battles. You can paint them and then make cute clothes for them. Perfect for those little girls and their afternoon tea parties. Also, one of the things that I have done with them in the past is to let them become Tooth Faery helpers. Paint them and then make 2 small bags to go with them. Each bag is painted alike with a tooth. You place one of the bags around the critters neck with the lost tooth in it. They hold the tooth in the bag to keep it safe until the Tooth Faery comes to collect it. Then the Tooth Faery (that's you by the way) replaces the bag with the tooth in it with the extra bag with money inside. Just a hint too....a quarter won't cut it these days....believe me...I know...the Chazman expected at least a dollar..LOL!!!

I'm so happy that my muse sings so many different ideas to me......I would so hate to go completely insane and mistakenly squish her due to post traumatic artist syndrome. How do YOU keep sane?

Until next time.......HUGS, Regi


  1. Who says I'm sane, LOL! Seriously, just creating keeps me sane, too. The animals are cute--can't wait to see them painted!

  2. Oh, this is going to be so cute!!!!! I can't wait!

  3. Theres really no end to your talent GF. From clay to fabric, who knew? Their just darling too.
    I love the idea for the tooth fairy. cute!!!
    hugs Lynn

  4. This is so cool! I wonder if you Market these or if they're just for your pleasure?
    Lee Douglas