Monday, December 19, 2011

Treasures Found!!!!

I'm so excited that we found some of our treasures that I just knew had gotten lost. We found them by chance too. Joseph went on a search for a pair of coveralls in the storage shed and while he was plowing looking through everything he found them for me. Ohhhhh HAPPY DAY!!!!

Now I know that you are saying "HEY Reggikins....we saw your beautiful Christmas tree already". THank you for the compliment..HA!! It's not the big tree that's new in the photo. It's the small tree sitting on the stand next to it.
Isn't it a beauty in itself? This is a vintage Christmas music box. It dates back to the early 1900's and it completely and totally belongs to the Chazman. Yes..yes..when he is grown and moves out (which he tells me he is never doing) I will let him take it with him. I will...honestly...I will. ^_^  It originally belonged to one of my BILs. When Chaz was a toddler he would sit and just look at it. Never touching it...just gazing at it. He would point to the tiny snow baby and say "Babieeeeee". My BIL lost it at that exact moment. I don't mean lost it as in crying....I mean....he actually lost it. He gave it to the Chazman. Chaz was so excited when we found it and could set it out this year.

Now this is the one that I was happy we found. It's the Santa bear I made for my Dad and Mom about six years ago. Nothing fancy but he holds some precious memories for us.

It truly was a weekend for finding treasures. I was going through my art journal and found my directions on making acorn top ornaments. This is going to be a project for the Chazman and I this week since he is out on break.

Until next time........Hugs, Regi


  1. Oh is it so wonderful to find family treasures that you thought were lost!

  2. Family treasures are ALWAYS the best! I've been working working on some holiday treasures for my own fam...hopefully I'll be able to share them later this week!

  3. So glad you found your treasures. I especially love the music box!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Reggie! I hope to visit you often in 2012.


  4. Oh Happy Day indeed!!! That's awesome! And truly, wonderful treasures too!

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