Sunday, December 4, 2011


WHAT???? Snow in Foley.....our sweet little coastal town in the South? Nooo actually snowed and I have the proof. Ready for a snowball fight? Well...ya had better be because the Chazman is aiming one right at YOU!!

Ok know good and well that it didn't snow here. Although...we have had a few brrreezing days here lately. Stop laughing my northern friends...STOP IT!!!  HeHe  It has been cold to us beach day it only reached around 50 and when your daily attire is normally flip flops and shorts....that's COLD!!!

So if it didn't really snow...I bet your asking yourself....go's alright....I'll wait. "Where did all that snow come from?"  It all came from the Kiwanis Club which each year has what's called "Snow in the Park". They bring in a huge ice blower that makes snow for our kiddos. (kiddos on this particular day can range from young to very old) The Chazman had a blast!!!
I think they are planning on doing something here...LOL

"Here let me help you make a bigger one"

Hey Hey Hey (mom yells..that's me) WHO threw that snowball? that the Chazman walking away?

Not only did the Kiwanis club have this awesome, FUN setup but there was a few bouncy/slides that the Chazman could NOT resist. Hmmmmm, wonder what the weight limit is on the bigger one? It sure did look like fun. 

They have a cute little Christmas village set up that you can peek in the windows and see elves busily working away. I had my Li'l elf stand in front of some....he is just so darn cute. Love this kiddo more than I will ever be able to show.

Hmmmm, no Chazman!! 
(someone called his name and POOF...LOL)

There was so much to do in the park yesterday....yep...there was even more. They had a creative area set up were the kiddos could make things, paint with glitter on cards and even get pretty little Christmas designs painted on their sweet Li'l faces. Of course, for some reason I couldn't convince the Chazman to do that one. He did however head over to the table with pipe cleaners and beads. That table apparently seemed to be "BOY" appropriate. HEHE  He made a cute "ALABAMA" Christmas tree. Not Alabama as in our state but ALABAMA as in ROLL TIDE!! Such a smart boy I have.

It was a great day filled with fun....even with getting beamed with several snowballs. I think though..that I will stick to our nice, warm, squish between your toes sand. LOL

Until next time................HUGS!!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I don't think I could ever get used to a "warm" Christmas, but I am perfectly happy with a green one instead of a white one!

  2. You are such a tease, you really had me going there for a second or two!

  3. LOL! You got me!!!

    Bella sooo wants it to snow here! It's predicted to get seriously cold this week, so we just might get her wish. Not MY wish, but hers, lol! Looks like Chaz had an amazing time over there!