Sunday, December 11, 2011

OMGOSH..I forgot how much fun Barbies were!!!

Yes...I admit it...openly!!! I played with a Barbie this weekend. What memories came pouring back to me. The Saturday night sleep overs with one of my best friends...completely taking over the living room for the weekend with all of Barbie's things. Believe me that was an honor too because Momma NEVER let anyone go into the living room unless they were special company. Getting off on a small tangent here about Momma and the "Living Room".  I remember when I was about 7 and had been really sick and Dr. Hall (our preacher) came to visit. I walked in the room...took his hand and took him to the breakfast nook and had him sit down at the table. Momma looked at me and asked what I was doing. I patted Dr. Hall on the knee and told him I was sorry but the living room was only for special company. Can you hear the "GASP" from Momma? From that day on Lee and I could play Barbie in there anytime. (as long as she wasn't expecting any special visitors mind you) Now back to the present!!  Man oh man....did we ever have Barbie things. I'm probably going to tell my age here (well heck and dang it all...I'm sure most of you know I'm one of the ancient ones already) Do ya'll remember the big heavy cardboard fold out Barbie house from the 60's? I HAD ONE and was so proud of it. My Daddy even made me some furniture to go with it. be young again...just for a little while so I could play with my Barbie. Oh wait...I did play with one this weekend. I almost forgot..hehe!!!

I know ya'll must be sitting there wondering just how far off the deep in I have stepped. Knowing that I have a boy and no girls....(Noooo...Chaz will not play Barbie...well..he will with his young girl cousins if they ask nicely and they have a Ken or GI Joe man. Shhhhhh..don't tell him I told you that. He is just such a sweet Li'l guy) I must have had a nervous breakdown......ri iight?? Nope..I'm just as sane as always. sane as I can be. The Chazman was invited to one of his classmates birthday party...which is this afternoon. When I called to RSVP I asked her mom what L liked. She said that I probably only needed to know one thing that would help. L is a big time "girly girl". Now to a mom with a son..what in the world does that mean? She told me the L really loves Barbie. That was all she needed to tell me. The gift just "POPPED" into my head. I had to find me a Barbie.

Saturday morning I woke up with a mission. To find that Barbie. I know I could have gone to Wal-mart to buy one but that wasn't an option. I wanted to make an outfit for one of the Barbie dolls that L already has. I can't believe it but the first yard sale we came to...the woman had a box full of naked Barbies. Thankfully, she sold me one and back home we came. I had a blast designing a faery costume. Nothing fancy but it really turned out so pretty. I even made her some attachable wings.

Notice the top of her head? She had the craziest hair....well....if you don't count my crazy hair. She had the craziest hair for a doll. I made a little scrunchy to match the outfit thinking that maybe L's dolls hair might have some bad hair days itself. I couldn't stop at just the scrunchy though. I mean what self concerning faery with her finery on doesn't wear her crown too. Yep...I made her a crown.

Isn't she purty??

Once I finished the outfit I decided that it wasn't enough to give L for h er birthday. I mean I wasn't giving her my Barbie....she was old and used. Besides,  I might want to make more clothes and will need a model for them.....ri iight...that's the reason...not that I might want to relive my childhood and sit down for an afternoon and play with her again. Nahhhhhh)  Since I have been on a roll making the fabric flower hair clips, I thought since L is a girlie girl that she might like one or two. 

Now that I had the gifts made I realized that I needed something to put them in. Can you guess what I did? It seems once I get on a roll...I keep on rolling...LOL!!! I painted a box to hold all the goodies L will be receiving from the Chazman. Even made a sweet little tag to go with it. 

I hope that L has a wonderful birthday today and enjoys all the gifts she will be getting. I do hope that (fingers crossed) the Chazman's is one that will always be special to her. 

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi


  1. Utter loveliness!!!! I love Barbies too! And with The Bella, I can indulge all the time, lol! And her doll house, and, and, and, lol!!! I'm sure the little girl will be entranced!

    I have a birthday coming up....just, you know, in case.........*grin*

  2. I hope L (and her Mom) appreciated all the time and love you put into her gift!