Monday, December 12, 2011

Oopsie and Tig!!!

I have soooo much to get finished by Friday. Where in the world has the time gone to? Someone? Anyone? Please grab it and hold it for me ppplease!! So without rambling any is the introduction to Oopsie and Tig. (Two of the cloth critters I have been working on) They are so happy to meet you!!!!

Oopsie and Tig
Oopsie is so excited to find out who will be his new caretaker!!
Tig is excited too but seeing that he is a CAT...he isn't letting on!!
Just look at that cute monkey face!!
Awwwww...who could resist those eyes?

Until next time............Hugs, Regi


  1. I LOVE these guys, especially Tig- he looks just like a kitty we had years ago.....I swear I don't think there is anything you cannot do!

  2. These are amazing, but I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Oopsie!!!! WOW, Regina! I didn't even know you could do this kind of doll! He is amazing!