Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chaz the Wizard!!!

OMGOSH...I can't believe we pulled one over on our Chazman. Poor dear is as gullible as his momma. HaHa   I would have loved to have gotten this on video and of course at the batteries were going low. (Something keeps draining the dang things.....I guess it's our little ghostly housemate) See if you can guess what we were able to pull over on him by these photos.

Oh the games we play....on our kiddos..hehe!!! Did you guess what was happening? Want me to tell you? No!!  Well, alrightie then....keep thinking. While you are thinking about what could be happening, here is what our cat thought about it.
Ms. Peaches would look at Chaz and the reindeer and then turn and look at us when my giggles turned into full out laughter. She was getting rather confuzzled I do believe. She finally walked over to me.
Meoooome...(that's what she calls is) "Please tell me what's happening...I'm getting purrrrfectly confused over our human child's reactions out there". Have you guessed yet? Ready for me to tell you? It's really funny and we all laughed so hard over it....that is after the Chazman got over being very upset with us.  You see, his daddikins was standing in the door way and every time Chaz would take the broom and hit the ground he would either turn the light switch on or off...that made the lights on the reindeer either be ON or OFF.....ROFL!!! The reason the Chazman got so upset is because he thought that he was doing magic. It almost made me not want to tell him it wasn't him but I decided it might be best to go ahead and fess up. I mean he might try flying next and that could really turn out bad. Once he got over the angry/mad/upset/I can't believe you would do that to me stage..he giggled and then laughed.

A memory can be built on the smallest thing. When you get the chance to help that memory be one that will be long remembered....make it!!!

Until next time...........HUGS, Regi


  1. LOL To funny! Now that would have been good on video.

  2. LOL too funny ! poor chaz I think he should get cookie for been a good sport about it... but watch out mum there maybe some pay back in your future Ha Ha!!! have a happy christmas hugs wendy

  3. Oh my. . . I have to admit, that was funny! Poor Chaz. Hope you're having happy holidays! Say. . . I likes the music you gots going on in here. Think I'll put up me feet and stay awhile!


  4. Ohhhh tell Chaz that his magic is within. That is so funny. I think you better watch out Chaz may try to get back at you. LOL
    Glad to see a new photo of him.

  5. Ya big meanie, lol!!! Too funny!

    Your Christmas card is going to be wayyyy late...because it got mailed out yesterday! Ooops! BUT...if you come over, at least you can look at it, lol!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Now THAT was a cute prank and one he will remember. Yes, I think you did the right thing by telling him in the could grow up with a superiority type complex and like you said..think he could fly!