Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Decorations for 2011

It's amazing how you use the same decorations year after year and enjoy them just as much as you did when they were new once you get them all put out and arranged. It's always such an exciting time when it comes to decorating at our home. I get to start the mess decorating while the Chazman is at school. Putting up the tree...stringing the lights. NO decorations go on it yet though. Our Christmas village is placed in the dining room. Such a romantic awesome way to eat at nights...with the twinkling and glow of the village lights. Placing all of our different Santa figures about. Most are ones that my parents had...so they hold memories. One is an original that I made for my DAD....that one holds a very special memory. Garland hung here and tucked there. All in it's new place for the year. Wait you say.....what about the tree? You didn't decorate the tree!!! Well sillies...of course I did...it's just the one thing that the Chazman and I do "TOGETHER". He and I have been decorating the tree since he was 2. I leave it for last and patiently wait for him to come home from school so that we can continue our tradition. I would like to share our Christmas home for 2011 with you. Do come in and WELCOME.....

He's holding mistletoe...Gimme a smooch!!

Santa made for Daddy...very special (hope you clicked on DAD above to read about why)
Joseph made this metal sleigh for me several years ago...so cute and HEAVY. Guess from all the gifts!!
Love my vintage mugs...the two smaller ones are over 70 years old.

Our Romantic dining room lighting!!

Chaz loves this...we made it about 5 years ago. He gets so excited to change the day each morning.

We have our kitchen decorated as well...with my collection of Christmas mugs...I do have a few...LOL!!! It's a rather dreary day today and that photo just doesn't want to be seen for some reason. I hope that you enjoyed your tour...we so loved having you. Come again...anytime!!

Until next time....HUGS, Regi and the Chazman


  1. WOWIE!!! You really decked your halls!!! Everything looks gorgeous and vintage and fabulous! Great job!!

    Now get over here and do mine, lol!

  2. Oh I so LOVE Christmas tours around other folk's homes! Everything is so beautiful, those Santa mugs are FAB and I remember the story of your Dad's Santa OOAK from last year- what a treasure to pass down.
    extra BIG Christmassy hugs