Tuesday, December 13, 2011


25 Penguins to sew all the day
25 Penguins to sew
Finish one up
Toss it aside
24 Penguins to sew all the day

That's going to be my song for the day..ALL..THE..DAY..LONG!!! LOL  I so don't mind though because these Li'l guys are going to the Chazman's Christmas party at school on Friday. They are so simple to make and only take a few supplies. 

Supply List (if you want to make some yourself)

Felt (Black-orange-white-off white-Burgandy)
Black and White Thread
Black seed beads (for eyes)
Faux snow or glitter
Pin backing/Bobby pin/Hair clip/Embroidery thread

Pattern (feel free to borrow mine)
Body Cut 2
Face Cut 1
Beak Cut 2
Flipper Cut 2
Feet Cut 4
Medium YoYo
(for hat)
Small YoYo
(for snowball)
Scarf Cut 1

I think you can look at my already made penguin and see how to make it. I would do a tut but I just don't have the time....YIKES...these have to be done by Friday morning...on top of the other projects I have going on. Someone, remind me to start making all these wonderful gifts right after New Year's day..ppplease!!!

I can give you some tips though. I hand sew all of the penguin....they are small and it would just take to much time on the machine. Well...for me anyways ^_^  I use a blanket stitch on all the sewing. I'm sure most know what type of stitch this is but just in case.......

Of course on the YoYo hat and snowball you will just do a straight stitch and then gather it up and tie the ends together to form each one. I put a tiny bit of batting in both. Put a tiny bit of batting in the body too.

The face I just sew on when I sew the sead beads on for the eyes. On the beak you will cut two and sew just the tops together. I put two small straight stitches where the nostril holes would be. Why cut two of the beak you ask? It makes it look like the penguin has a real beak...hehe!! I also sew these on before I sew the body and stuff it. Just makes it easier.

I cut two of the feet (that would be four actually....two pieces for each foot so that penguin has 2 feet. Got it?) I don't stuff these but having the two pieces blanket stitched together just looks better. Gives it more strength so they will last. I sew these on after the body is stuffed and sewed.

Once you have penguin put together then you simply sew a flipper on each side....put a snowball in one flipper...his hat on his head and his scarf around his neck. I made the scarf for the above penguin out of a strip of felt but with the ones I'm currently working on I'm going to use an old sweater. Use your imagination..there are so many possibilities. I add faux snow flakes to the flippers and the snowball. Glitter works good too. Embellish yours how ever you want. I KNOW they will turn out awesome!!

You can turn these Li'l guys into pins to wear.....attach a bobby pin or hair clip....slide it on a headband or ribbon or just attach a hanger from the hat. Again...use your imagination and have FUN!!! Now let's start singing......................

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi


  1. Super cute! As long as you aren't singing the bottle of ....on the wall by the time you are done, LOL!

  2. These are turning out great- you're such a good Mom to do this! Well, you'd be a good Mom anyways, but this is a wonderful thing for you to do!