Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three little Mermaids!!

I don't believe it....I mean...I REALLY.....don't believe it!! Really....can YOU believe it? Can you? Huh Huh??Ohhhh, I guess I had better tell you what I can't believe. I'm sure you aren't going to believe it either though. I finished my niece's Christmas gifts today. I know....it's hard to believe, ri iight?? Those that know me....know that normally I am burning the WAY past midnight oil whenever I am working on gifts. What am I going to do with myself now? I already feel lost from not having to be busy at trying to get something done. WOW...is this what it actually feels like? To not be rushed? I LIKE IT!!!

Like....a word that we all want to hear when we make something for someone special to us. Well....LOVE would be better but with two of my nieces being teenagers...I will take...I like it!!! My youngest niece turned 7 this year and is such a little woman...really..she is. I sometimes forget when I'm talking to her that she is only a youngin but then she goes and does something completely silly and just like a normal 7 year old would do and I remember...LOL!! Since she is a young lady now...along with her sisters, I decided to make them each a jewelry box. Something to hold their precious treasures in. To guard their treasures there is none better than a true keeper of treasures...even if they are land ones and not from the sea. Each box is hand painted with one of my mermaids.
This one is for my oldest niece. She is a HUGE LSU fan and I do mean HUGE. One of those that probably bleeds purple and yellow. I wouldn't know because I run for the hills whenever I see blood. Ewww!! But I bet a dollar that she does. Since she is such a HUGE fan I painted her mermaid with a (yep, ya guessed) a purple and yellow scaled tail. She also has brown eyes and dark hair just like my niece. I also made the gift tag to go along with it.

This one is for my next to oldest niece. I know that I could have said middle niece but we don't say that. Have you ever heard about the middle child syndrome? She hasn't because we say next to oldest and that's the way we want to keep it..LOL!!  She is a HUGE, ummmmm......that other university from Alabama...you know the one. I don't know what happened to her mom...she is one of THOSE too. We were raised that ________ was a bad word so I just don't know what happened. OMGOSH...alright...I will say it......auburn.  There...are you happy now?? hehe.  Since she does love Auburn so much I painted her mermaid with a orange and blue scaled tail. Her eyes are blue and her hair is red with golden highlights....yep...just like my adorable next to oldest niece. Here is her gift tag too.

Finally...last but by no means least, is the mermaid for my Li'l lady of a niece. She just loves everyone and everything so her mermaid I painted a purple tail with light green scales. She has light brown eyes and golden brown locks...yes...just like my little sweetie pie. Li'l miss was actually a mermaid last year....ohh yes she was. In the ballet "Peter Pan". She was, of course, adorable and nothing like her very shy aunt. She loves a crowd.
Her keepsake box has a gift tag too.
Now.....I hope to hear "I LOVE IT" but I will be just as happy with "I LIKE IT".  We are looking forward to spending some time with them on Saturday night. The kiddos will get their gifts...then we will be eating some delicious red beans and rice (my BIL is a true Cajun and owww weeeeee one heck of a cook) then eat some yummy sweet goodies and probably watch a movie together or play a game. Family...is what makes this time of year special.

Now....what can I start working on now.....................................

Until next time......HUGS, Regi


  1. Oh, I'm sure you are going to hear, "I love it" more than once!! They are great and I'm sure they are going to look them!! Great job Regina!!

  2. So fantastic!!!! You've done an amazing job!!!! They are sure to love it!

  3. These are gorgeous- my favorite is the one for the second to oldest, partly because I LOVE those colors you used and I'm a sucker for metallics and also because I too am a second to oldest, tho' no one had any problems calling me a middle child....that might explain a bit :D
    Anyway, I definitely love them, I hope your nieces do too. As a Mom to 2 teenagers, I can say say that even if they LOVE them, they might not say so......at least my girls don't always admit to loving stuff, lol!
    Thanks so much for directing me here, I loved my sneak peak! I didn't get nearly as much done on my gifts yesterday, but I will be blogging about them later...lord willing and the creeks don't rise :D

  4. These look great! You are really pulling out ALL of your talents for this Christmas! I'm impressed!

  5. Those are fantastic. I love the playful poses! You truly bring the spirit of Christmas and make a homemade Christmas one to remember! I LOVE them!