Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beads Beads...everywhere...dang it!!!!

Hope your Tuesday morn has been a good one so far. Mine has been and hopefully will continue to be if I can keep Callie and Boo away from the sea stars. Oh yes, I took them out this morning and have them sitting on the railing outside to dry out. The sea stars that is....not the cats...hehe

I was so happy to see that they kept their pretty tan and brown color. 

I know I said yesterday that I was going to work on a necklace and I did pull out everything needed to make it but I had this wild bug bite me (ya know it.....the sort and clean bug) when I opened up my bead drawer. WOW...had no clue it was so messy. Sat there scratching my head wondering what in the world happen to get it that way. I try to be neat and organized when I put things back. When did I just toss and throw things in? I soon found out that it wasn't me that did it but Callie. She came and sat beside the drawer and when she THOUGHT I wasn't looking she would raise up and start batting at everything. With her felt needle sharp claws that would definitely toss everything about. I guess she was looking for the hemp....she loves to play with it and all the other things were just in her way. Soooooo....I decided to clean out and straighten up. BOY...did that turn into a whole bloomin day project. 

 After sitting and sorting and filling up my little containers and boxes I finally decided enough was enough. These are the ones that I didn't sort. Perhaps another day project? No time soon, I can guarantee that. 

Nice organized drawer. (put hemp in a box so that it won't be tempting Callie)

Now......I should have put my two mischievous creatures outside while I was doing this but I didn't but I should have...really really should have!!! Callie jumped up on the desk and knocked over one of my big boxes that I keep all of my natural stones and beads in and they went everywhere. I got them all picked up with some help.

Boo looking for any left over beads. Callie looking at Boo to "pounce" on....hehe...and she did
and it continued aside.

Until next time.............Hugs,

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