Friday, February 21, 2014

It's FRIDAY!!! ^_^

Happy Happy Friday to you all and I'm happy happy happy that you stopped by too!!!  I'm enjoying this cool weather we're having this morning after a tremendous lighting and thunder storm we had last night. Man oh man were those li'l men ever hitting some strikes one after the other. You do know about the li'l men...... ri iight?? It's something my grandmother use to tell me when we were visiting and the weather would turn a bit nasty. To calm me she told me that every time I heard thunder and then saw lighting that li'l men were bowling and one of them just made a strike. It worked and even to this day that story pops into my mind (and heart) when it does either. Of course, I passed the tale on down to the Chazman too and he still loves it when there's a thunderstorm.

I have been digging through my broken shell stash and found a beautiful broken murex (lace shell) and immediately I knew what I wanted to do with it. It was perfect for a sleeping nook......a sleeping nook for a wee little mermaid.

 WIP shot
 WIP shot of the back. See the blue hues...Mother Nature painted those.

I love how she turned out. The shell attached to the murex is a broken crown conch shell. Her hemp bracelet has a tiny little venus shell. Her crown has what I think is a broken piece of venus shell, two tiny scallop shells and a teeny tiny lucine shell.

She is completely hand sculpted (without the use of molds) and was detailed using fine MICA powders and acrylic paints. Her hair is pulled dyed wool. Her necklace I made using tiny pearl beads from a vintage wedding veil.

Now....let me dig back through that goodie shell basket and see what else I can discover.

Have a wonderful Friday and until next time.............Hugs,


  1. She is gorgeous, Regi! Your attention to detail is amazing, I love her necklace and bracelet. xx

  2. Wow you are amazing. This is a piece from heaven.
    Hope all is well with you.