Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's a Beautiful Sunday!!!

Finally, Mother Nature remember what our weather was suppose to be like this time of year. I have on a short sleeve tshirt and my flip flops..........without........any......socks......Yea me!!!!

I have the windows opened and so enjoying letting a small breeze flow through this old house. Listening to the splish splash of water is so calming (sigh) even if it is from the washing machine...hehe  Yeppers, a beautiful day and I'm stuck inside dueling with that dreaded laundry monster. Oh least I can shut my eyes and pretend the splish, splash is the ocean.

Since I am stuck inside I have been going through my shell stash AGAIN and pulled out some that I think will work with some of my jewelry pieces and small ooaks.

I have even grouped some together to make medallions out of. Hmmmmm, the shot is a tad bit blurry. Perhaps my muse didn't want to really show you just yet. Silly muse!!!

Remember the seahorse I was working on? Well, I found some other shells to go with it....not actually shells but a beautiful piece of coral and a small cluster of barnacles that I found some time back while walking near the pier. I hope to get him detailed and completed by tomorrow.

After sorting out the shells that just seemed to pull themselves together, I realized that I need to go shell hunting. I'm almost out of shells. OK well.....not really, I have TONS of shells but not ones that I can use to make my designs with. They are lovely sitting around here and there and in glass containers though. LOVE my shells..ALL OF THEM! Matter of fact, ya'll are lucky I even share them. I understand the call of the seagull soaring over the beach when it sees us humans walking along. They are screaming "MINE MINE". ^_^

Now I'm not one of those artist that can draw with perfection. I so wish I was because I have so many whimsical  images inside that are yelling to get out. I do to doodle. Since I can't leave my ocean washing machine when it's on spin because it apparently loves to dance across the floor when unsupervised...I have been doodling. Three so far and two might just become ooaks.

 Little mermaid saying "Come play with me"

 Mermaids love their seahorses
Mermaid watching her human sail away

So that's all my time for today's visit. It seems the washing machine is doing my dance...hehe!! Have a wonderful afternoon and I hope it's a beautiful day for you too.

Until next time.................HUGS,


  1. Beautiful doodles! And the little seahorse is adorable! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh you are lucky to be in shorts and flip flops. It's cold with lots of dirty snow on the ground. Beautiful shells.