Friday, February 7, 2014

Mr. Sandman ummm I mean Mr Bugman....please go away!!!!

OMGOSH....I know you must be thinking that I have completely lost my mind now by changing sandman to bugman but I haven't....honest!! I said sandman because when I was writing my title to begin with I had used "Mr Bugman...please go away" and the Chordettes song Mr Sandman popped into my head...hehe!!! Oh peoples, I so hope that the bugman does NOT come to visit you in any shape, form or fashion. He is a horrible guest.  I spent all of yesterday afternoon at the doctor's office with the Chazman who has been sick for the pass few days. He has that nasty stomach bug that is going around (stomach issues, sore throat, coughing and really, really tired) and of course there is nothing you can do but wait for it to leave on it's own. I'm just praying it doesn't decide to jump to my room and stay even longer. That soooooo won't work!!!

I know that my post Windsday (hehe) lead ya'll to believe that I was going to be doing some sculpting and I had ever intention of doing just that but decided that first I would get my tags put on all the jewelry pieces I will be taking to Beach Reflections this weekend. Good Golly Miss Molly that took all least everything is tagged and ready to go. I even finished a few more shell necklaces and two hermie habitats. Yea me!!

 I think this is my favorite medallion. Little fishie looks like he is swimming and blowing bubbles.

Before anyone says anything....this is not sand from our beaches. This is sand from the Dollar Tree. Not that I went and got sand out of the parking lot but got it from inside the store. Ohhh and not saying that there was sand all over the floors. It was in a bag and I bought it. hehe

I decided that I'm also going to take two of my mermaid ooaks to the shop and see if they might find a new home. 

I still am planning on doing some clay characters using the auger shells....honest I am!! I'm just so excited about being asked to put some of my things in a new shop at the beach that I think is going to do really well. I mean the shop....not so much my pieces BUT I do hope they do good too. Ohhhhhhh, can ya tell I haven't had much sleep? ^_^

I hope that YOU have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Mine will be spent trying to talk the Bugman into leaving this abode and real quick like. Now......let's just sing Mr Sandman so I can get it out of my head and not be humming it all weekend too. Of course, you will probably be humming it now...BAHAHAHA!!!!


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  1. Glad to see you're having some fun----and WITH a MARVELOUS sense of humor too. ;)