Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm HUMAN again...hehe

OK human as a human can feel that actually feels as though she should be dancing in a garden with dragonfly wings or perhaps stomping in the Highlands and trying not to sneeze any fireballs out or or perhaps swimming under the blue/green sea and peeking my head out and then diving down deep letting my mermaid tail unfurl to push me faster as I swim with the narwhals. imagination is back to it's whimsical self so that means I am feeling so so soooooo much better!!! The Chazman is too and that I am really thankful for. No more nasty visitors for us (looking around)

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was a restful, quiet one with the exception of going to take my jewelry and ooaks to Diane and Fonda at Beach Reflections, which by the way is going to be opening their doors for business this Thursday. The shop looks fantastic and is so unique and different from any down here. It's going to be THE place to go for our tourist and locals. ^_^

While we were there Diane had a surprise for me....some oyster shells and a basket filled with so many pretty broken shells. She knows how much I luv em!!!

As soon as we got home I sat down at the table and started going through them. Man on muse started dancing and singing and tugging on my ear. HEHE

Some shells I'm already thinking of using. See the ones on the right? Mermaid tails!! 

 These lil beauties and I do mean LITTLE came from inside some of the bigger shells. See the auger shell and the tiny one next to it. That's not a broken one but a small whole one. ^_^

This is a whole shell too and one that I love to find and am so happy that Diane had it in the stash she gave me. It's called a "Baby's ear". 

Here's a photo with some WIP ooaks. I showed ya'll the lil mermaid stuck in the shell the other day. The seahorse unicorn is cured but I have to finish detailing him and add another shell to it's base. The three shells sitting in front are from the stash and ones I'm going to be using next. Oh muse will have me busy from some time..hehe

This is a broken Murex shell and one that I'm so hoping that one day I will find intact. They are so lovely. If you remember I had a smaller broken one that I used in one of my medallions I made and I called it a mermaid key.

These shells look like something that would sit on a Victorian woman's dressing table. The whole ones have a look of lace being on them.

One day I WILL find one of these whole!!!!

Now that I have plenty to keep me busy I best be getting to it. I hope that you have an awesome Monday and thank you for dropping by for a visit. I think I might just be giving away one of my jewelry pieces this week so come back to visit. Yea....yea....that's a bribe...hehe

Until next time...............keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes,


  1. Those are some beautiful shells! I like the earrings you made out of them. I suppose some shells kind of tell you how to use them!

  2. You have quite the collection there! What a lovely assortment!

  3. Regina, you are so very creative! Or should I say, you have a very active muse. ;) I love the details you see that so many others might ignore. The mermaid key might just be my favorite!

  4. We collect so many shells, but don't do much with them. I always mean to make jewelry, but they just end up in a dish. I like your ideas!

  5. So pretty! Being a New England girl now living in a landlocked state I especially love the seashells.

  6. I'm always so disappointed when I find a great shell and it isn't whole.